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I say, if they're still playing holiday commercials on TV then I can't be that late with recalling Christmas morning. Actually, I'm hoping that the TV execs were waiting for my post, then they'd be ready to pull the commercials. "Oh, hey, Susie posted about Christmas so now we can stop playing the God-awful Hyundai commercials with the singer that can't emote."

Here's hoping.

We did Christmas morning with my family because how could we pass up seeing Lucy open presents? Clear choice. Except apparently, we chose poorly. I kid. But maybe a little bit not. Lucy decided to go on a sleep strike on Christmas Eve and apparently, we were all scabs if we crossed her picket line and slept. Long story short, we had family time at 11:30, 3 am, and finally called it at 5:30 am.

I didn't even know there was a 5:30 am on Christmas break but apparently there is and we got to enjoy it. Christmas non-miracle.

Chuck was really excited about starting Christmas pre-sunrise.

Lucy was mostly excited because we were excited. She knew there was something going on, but she couldn't quite place it.

In an effort to jump start her love of Christmas, PK let her open a giant chocolate Santa and hammered down onto that bad boy. Again, at 5:30 a.m.

She took hearty bites.
Moonin watched -- isn't she a sturdy little gem? No worries about Newman. If the wind blows, she's not going anywhere.

Then Lucy gave the baby some bites.
We still haven't grasped the concept of Baby Lucy. Lucy is now as she's always been, right?

And finally, a little chap stick so she'd be camera ready for Christmas paparazzi.

In our family, we draw names for stockings. This year, due to inflation, we increased from a $5 limit to a $10 limit. I know. Go big or go home. The gifts are simple. For example, I drew my Mom and got her Emory boards, chap stick, Hello Kitty band aids, and a scarf that I found on sale.

Mom drew Shelley.
Mom decided to give Shelley a framed picture of Lucy and Shelley. She had some pictures printed and when she got the photos back, mixed in with her pictures were a few 5x7s of another family. We have no idea who these people. We have no idea why we have their photos.

See? Other family.

Instead, Mom wrapped this picture up for Shelley as a stocking present. Shelley cried. I mean literally cried she was laughing so hard because why would Mom do this?

Why? Because it's awesome.

Shelley started crying.

Lucy didn't really know what to do to comfort Mom, so Shelley got a pat-pat.

Then a hug. Shelley just kept crying. It's just hard to understand why your mother would wrap a picture of NOT your family up for Christmas. Meet my mother.

By now, it's about 6 a.m. so we think anything is funny.

Like my Dad buying me a collectible Edward Cullen edition Barbie Doll. Clearly, this is going to school with me for my "Edward shelf" (which is getting awesomely/sadly big).

Chuck got some sport coats which looked awesome with his pajama pants and Santa hat.

And Lucy got a potty.
Lucy made a New Year's resolution to get potty trained. And by Lucy, I mean Shelley (on behalf of Lucy. Shelley's been potty trained for months, I mean years).

She inspected her new thrown.

Then she tried testing it.
This held her attention for a solid 10 minutes.
(but no progress was made, if you get my drift).

Meanwhile, Chuck did very well this year getting me gifts.

And by very well, I mean Tiffany Blue well.

I was happy for me, and I was happy for Chuck. He listened. This shows big progress.

From Chuck and Me, we gave Lucy a tricycle. If you ask Lucy, Bubba got her a car. We brought it downstairs for her, all built and ready to go, and were told "Gimme. That's mine."

Then "Let go. I go outside."
(oh ps: She wore that backpack for all of Christmas. Why? Well, why did she wear a tux at Thanksgiving?)

You can't actually go tricycling at 6:30 am when it's dark and raining.

You can have DadDad back out the car and go garage driving at 6:30 am.
I'm not gonna lie, our gift was a total hit. We nailed it.

Let's see. What else?

Lucy got Uggs.
Shelley was thrilled.

Lucy was too.

Until we started putting the Uggs on her, then she apparently couldn't have cared less.

Dad got some Lucy love in all the running around.
They played cars (Lucy got a matchbox set) and traded driving tips.

Lucy made this face for the ump-teenth time in a picture.
You may recall her Come Hither look from her first school photo.

And that was Christmas with my family. Don't worry, Fe was there, but she has always had a strict no photos ever on Christmas morning policy so I honored her wishes (even though I snuck in a few and she has no idea - it's a private win).

There you go.
I'm officially done with Christmas posts. Done.

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  1. only your family would wind up with another families photos. honestly...


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