not much else to talk about.

Really, nothing is going on around here. Unless you want me blogging about report cards. If that's cool with you, then we've got something to talk about. I could just start handing out life report cards while I'm at it.

"Susie is a delight. She has made many friends. However, Susie is struggling with her focus and has difficulty maintaining attention on anything other than facebook, blogger, or general internetting."

I think Susie's parents might be in for a little parent-teacher conference, just my professional opinion.

What I am doing a great job of (Great.Job.) is not proof reading my report cards. I should get credit for their done-ness, I just want them to be squeaky clean and perfect (like me. wink.)

Oh, but this, this was the highlight of my day.

They announced new nuun flavors. (nuun is pronounced noon).
Are you not familiar with nuun?
Settle in. We'z abouts to have an NBC "the more you know" moment.

nuun, in short, is amazing. I'll liken it to Gatorade, but I'm taking that back instantly, because unlike Gatorade, nuun has no sugar and 6 calories. It's full of electrolytes, which PK says is important (PK dies for nuun). It comes in a tablet, I drop it in my water bottle. No powder. No contributing to landfills. And since it's in a tube, I carry it in my purse so I actually remember to drink it (win).

And it tastes bomb. And now there's more bomb tastes.
I'm super psyched.

PK said I should probably share nuun tonight with you all, and when The Father speaks, you listen.

Go buy nuun.
It's at QFC. And here.
(and Val, it's gluten free.)


  1. mmmmmmmm. I love NUUN! I'm excited to try the new flavors. It's also at REI for you folks who live in Seattle and skip lunch to walk up there....or nordstrom...

  2. Maybe you should try Yelping!


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