that birthday candle.

That birthday candle.
I swear, ever since Lucy's party, I've heard nothing but "Birthday Candle". I'm feeling a little Jan Brady about the Birthday Candle, to be real honest. If I had a nickle for every question I got about that birthday candle over the last few weeks, well, I'd have about a dollar, but that's beside the point. The point is, you people are apparently very easy to amuse and impress.

And so are my friends.

If I knew a candle from the dollar store was all I needed to get attention, I mean, let's just say I definitely wouldn't have needed to get my belly button pierced in college and this blog probably wouldn't exist.

But that's all beside the point.

The point is, that Happy Birthday Candle.

Like I said before, Fe's friend Christine picked up the Happy Birthday Candle from her local dollar store for Lucy's birthday. Shoot flames + the dollar store = winning combination.

We all know that.

Christine was so thrilled that we liked the Happy Birthday Candle, she bought me 3 more. I'm calling it a Birthday Candle windfall. More importantly, the Birthday Candles that kept my friendships intact.

Because for Dania's birthday all she wanted was a Happy Birthday Candle.
Emy had also requested one for Dania's party.
So had Andrea.

Basically, I was feeling some Birthday Candle pressure from all sides and if I didn't produce, well, let's just say this friend group has voted people off the island before and I was prepared to have my torch snuffed if I failed to produce a candle for Dania.

And that is why we love Christine. It's like she heard my prayers.
Three Happy Birthday Candles later and I was in business.
Dania is what you would call a "delicate beauty".
That's her birthday "cake" (it's like a friend group dessert tradition. Kind of hard to explain, but kind of like eating heaven. If heaven is white cake mix, 1 cube butter, and cherry pie filling.)
It's such an unassuming little candle. At this point, you could cut the anticipation with a knife at our house.

And then it flamed so much that Chuck had to take down the smoke detector.
I said it was because Dania was getting so old (too many candles) and then she reminded me that I'm a year older than she is and then I didn't want to talk to her for a while.

It was sparkler-ing (is that a word? Is now.).
And we were laughing.
But then the laughter stopped.

Because there was no happy birthday song.
It was a devastating blow.
The candle shot flames. It did the sparkler thing. It spun into a flower, but no sweet melody. Just silence. I was ready for the stoning to begin, but Chuck suggested we just try another one.

So round 2.
I mean we already had the smoke detector pulled down. Why waste a good thing?

Some people were not convinced that this was going to work.
Some people were jumping off the great bandwagon we call "The Happy Birthday Candle".

Even as the flames shot towards the heavens, there was still doubt from the previous failed candle. It was a tense birthday moment. Tense.

But there it was. That bad boy really started to sing (literally and figuratively).
And that was one heckuva happy ending for this story (mostly because I was pretty sure I'd be ostracized if this hadn't worked).

It really is the greatest candle ever. Here's my thoughts on the whole "pink candle debacle": I've used 3 of these dollar store candles now and have enjoyed a 66% success rate. If I can see even a 10% success rate with a dollar store item, then I'm a satisfied customer. This thing is amazing. Christine is amazing for finding it and seeing the limitless potential.

You can buy them online too, but they're a little more expensive than the dollar store.
But, um, worth it. Totally worth it.


  1. i love your blog. That first picture of dania made my monday!

  2. Susie, I'm so glad that you have the same birthday candle joy that our household does! Those candles look like they came from the dollar store, but they didn't. Looks can be deceiving. I found them in a gift shop here and actually, the site that you found for on-line sales is a pretty good price..if you buy 6 and only pay one shipping price. I'm stocking up. That joy crosses generations. We did this for my mom's 85th birthday last weekend and she talked about it so much that now she wants me to get a couple for her friends at the senior center and her church, because they want the experience, too. I really enjoy your blog! Christine


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