isn't this one of the pemco northwest profiles?

Obviously, I teach in the Pacific Northwest.
I know this because today one of my students asked if he could break down a box so it wouldn't take up as much space in the recycling bin. I also know I teach in Washington because I've seen kids willingly reuse ziploc bags. Oh, my kids are six, btdub.

But today, today we hit the pinnacle of teaching here.

We made categories today. We labeled them "Things that Mow. Things that Water. Things that Cut." (We'd read a story about the groundskeeper at a park so this made sense in context.) Then we started classifying tools. The kids generated the tool-ideas that went into each category. Watering Can. Hedge trimmer. Lawn Mower. Weed eater. Aqua Globes (I kid you not...). Clippers. Sprinklers. So on. So on. So on.

We got down to the bottom and I needed one more in the "Mow" column.
I called on the quietest hand (as always).

"What do ya'think, babe? What mows?"


Only in Washington.

The other 17 nodded emphatically. "Great answer" was the resounding opinion.

"Yes." I said. "People 'round here do use goats to mow. We'll count it."

I mean, we'd already counted Aqua Globes as a tool for watering, how could I say no?

I love them and their little minds so much it hurts.


  1. Too cute!

    I do believe I told someone at work just yesterday that they needed a goat for mowing purposes. I even think the Pemco ad was mentioned. But it was decided they might be more hassle than they are worth, what with the eating poisonous rhodies and all.

    I do believe this is one California transplant that has been Seattle-fied.

  2. I do believe said "I do believe" twice...and in a Southern accent in my head. What the...?

  3. So, that is awesome! I grew up in Portland, and living in SoCal I often feel like I am the only one who knows how to recycle (or make more room in the recycling bin - I just complained the other day to my husband about how the neighbors never break down their boxes when they put them in the bin!)

  4. finally caught up on blog stocking you north cherylina isnt what it usta be so I had to change camps! -kelly (conors friend)

  5. BTW we should yap about photos some time.. the more I read your blog the more I am like sheesh I wish we hung out more.


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