i know i'm kind of behind.

Happy New Year.
A day late. But better late than pregnant. Isn't that how the saying goes?

In the Chinese Calendar it's the year of the Rabbit.
In the Susie Calendar it's the year of my 10 year high school reunion/is Costco still selling caskets?

Did you go to your 10 year reunion?
I'm debating. We'll talk more about this at a later date when my reunion is all over Facebook and I have to make an actual decision.

Until then, enjoy this little gem from 10 years ago. I'm a senior (obviously) and those are fake glasses from Nordstrom (it seemed really cool at the time). I'd gotten my braces off all of 1 week before this was taken and yes, that's Emy over my shoulder. She's 15.

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  1. I might be offended by this, if this picture wasn't one of my top ten favorites of all time. =) xoxox


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