they're called 'birthday nails' now

Friday was Lucy's 2nd Birthday.
Yesterday, we did "Birthday Nails".
Tonight, we do "Birthday Dinner".

Apparently, Lucy is getting birthday parties based on age. Last year, she got one party. This year, she gets two parties. I'm fine with this as long as we can all agree to do this fairly. By fairly, I mean I am really looking forward to the "28 Days of Susie" come March. Chuck is too.

We did "Birthday Nails" yesterday for Lucy because how else do you celebrate your 2nd birthday than at a nail salon? For us, this was an easy decision. Let me tell you why (I know you are dying to know).

We've gone to this salon for about 13 years or so. Half way into our tenure there, Jennifer bought the shop  and her, Annie, and Tina took over. We love them. In so many years, they've become family. We call them "sister" and they call us the same. They call Fe "Mom" because their's still lives in Vietnam and Jennifer and Tina are about my age, so we all fit.

And the answer is, yes, we get our nails done that often. Remember my last nails post? There are a lot of nail opportunities out there and Shelley and I capitalize on them all.
Last year, Jennifer came to Lucy's 1st party. She brought her son, Annie's daughter, and some other friends. Like I said, we're family.

So, Shelley decided to go "Family Only" low-key on Lucy's party for this year.
And by "Family Only" she meant us and the girls.

Party hats.

Birthday cookies.

Birthday Nails.

We all wore party hats, because this was a party people.
Lucy is two.
Lucy was a little more street savvy at this nail appointment. She knew exactly what was about to happen and what was going on.
She also knew she wanted blue nails.
Her and I talked about how we don't actually do "blue nails" because the Spice Girls aren't actually making music anymore, but it fell on deaf 2 year-old ears.

Oh and for the record, it may have been her birthday, but that little Miss owes me one Original Mango A-Go-Go with energy.
It started, "Here sister, I help you with that."
Then it moved to, "Sister, I hold this for you."
And finally, "Sister, give me my juice."
I said, "No, my juice."
"No, it's ma'juice."

And then she actually stuck her tongue out at me and did a "stinker face".
So I rewarded that by giving her the rest of my Jamba Juice because I found it HI-larious.

If you can believe this (I know it will be a stretch), we kind of "take over" the salon when we get there. As in, we think it's our house, we think we own the place, and we act accordingly (and by accordingly, I mean rather out of control).
We're loud and giggly and unapologetic.
I bring my camera which is obnoxious for everyone involved, bystanders too.
We get into anything and everything.
And we like how pretty we look when we're there.
We do chair races back and forth.
Note that my Jamba Juice is still being held hostage.
Double note the amount of birthday party garbage that we've thrown around the place.

And that is what we call "Birthday Nails".
If you happen to be in Bellevue, you should probably stop by 4 Your Nails Only.
We'll probably be there.

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