apparently, we hosted a seventh grade dance.

I promise I was not playing Gangsta's Paradise OR Waterfalls. This happened on it's own.

We had Dania's birthday party over the weekend, except it didn't really look like a birthday party at one point. Because, see, apparently we were also hosting a middle school dance.

Somehow that the party became completely segregated.
Boys on one side.
Girls on the other.
We even had a kitchen table between us as a gender barrier. It was actually kind of nice.
This was about the time the girls noticed that they might as well have been wearing white eyeliner and singing "This Is How We Do It." They got a nice giggle out of the situation (not Mike, just an actual situation).
The boys were oblivious.
I'm pretty sure I could have redressed them in flannel and Timberland boots and passed out Tamagotchis and they still wouldn't have noticed.
Bless Sean's heart though, because he was the only one brave enough to cross the great divide and ask the birthday girl to dance. I swear I could almost hear "Kiss From A Rose" playing in the distance, but I can't be sure.
The girl side gave the Dania the obligatory "thumbs up" and approval during their dance. Emy gave Dania a Cootie shot when she came back to our side, because I'm pretty sure Dania was contaminated by boy.

The End.
(what? I'm done typing and I can't think of an ending, so that's it. I'm out.)


  1. a good way to end it would have been to say that you turned on the lights and shuffled everyone out into the parking lot.

  2. all I could think was: Celebration of Life "she loved to laugh..."


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