this letter is really no surprise.

I think there's something to be said about family.

A lot can be said about my family. But more, a lot about me is better understood through my family. I tend to get more approval from people who know my family (any or all parts of my family) -- then they know who raised me, how I was raised, and can see that I was destined to turn out this way. This didn't happen on accident.

My family is 90% of the pieces to my puzzle.

So, this post (can you guess?), it's about my family.

Nothing is more family than Christmas card letters. And let's be honest here, these letters are both the greatest and worstest things imaginable. Of course they're necessary, and of course I love to get them, but for the most part, Christmas letters fall into 4 categories:
1. too long.
2. too boring.
3. too depressing.
4. too uplifting (no ones life can be that good - I smell hyperbole)

My parents are dedicated to a life long goal of never sending a bad letter. They take pride in their letter: they plant it, cultivate it, and send it into the world with love and care (and usually after Christmas - I love you, Fe.)

I thought I'd share my parents' Christmas Letter with you today because I'm a giver (duh) and because I think it's a nice change to hear from someone in my family (I think it helps). Plus, I think this letter is awesome. My Dad wrote it (and he's awesome) and I think he and I have a similar writing voice so, again with the whole "this helps fill in the puzzle pieces".

When you read the rest of this post and see "Susie" remember that I didn't write this and I'm not going 3rd person on you. Again, PK wrote it. And you can file this one under "reasons my Dad is fantastic" and "oh, this explains a lot".

(side note: My Dad does not call my Mom "Fe". That's Shelley and Me. Mom has a perfectly lovely first name, but Shelley and I decided on Fe a long time ago and I'd like to keep it that way. So I changed her name in Dad's letter. These kinds of things happen when you are retyping someone else's work...)

The 2010 Christmas Card Letter
by PK

Let's be honest. Cramming a year into a page or two just doesn't work. Here's a very small slice of 2010 -- 15 minutes in November: The making of the annual Christmas card picture. Our family...

So this is where it began. Susie's original idea was to have us posed as this scene from the greatest cinematic classic of our generation. She can Photoshop anything and also has a calloused disregard for copyright laws. Sadly, I get the Clark W. award for killing this as the family Christmas card photo. I know, I choked....but we moved on.

Here's the set up - Eric and Stacia came to visit and Susie NOW wants us to pose IN the pond in our backyard, Shelley is worried her child - who was photographed last year upside down - might drown, Chuck is Chuck and Lucy is wondering if CPS is on speed dial.

This pic is obviously wrong on many levels. Susie is setting the camera for Jason. Shelley moves in on Chuck. Chuck moves in on Eric. The 2 year old is the only one of task. Fe and Stacia have their eyes shut (hence the photo edit). I am checking my pulse.

So we are all crazy about Lucy. She's sort of our Groupon Baby -- you know, everybody gets in on a great deal. She deals with ponderous moments with 2 fingers in her mouth. Try it. She's on to something.

And what you need to know is that at this exact moment, Lucy was trying to figure out if Eric could be trusted. We are all playing Lucy. Eric is...well... Jason - our erstwhile photographer - darn near wet himself over this pic. Poor boy, he wasn't used to the fam...

Eventually, Lucy figured out that Eric was OK.

We took a ton of pictures - these are the tame ones! For the record, Fe doesn't really like the final picture because it's boring. Susie and Shelley were beautiful in virtually all shots, Fe, Stacia, and I took turns blinking, Chuck behaved and Newman (the cat) boycotted.

A day in the life.

My family.
I love everything about this year's letter.


  1. ok, i take it all back about how i think x-mas letters are the worst part of christmas. :) I would be honored (honered? ;)) with receiving your x-mas letter in the mail.

  2. i love the finger sucking, whistling, almost puking, finger gesturing, whatever ya want to call it kind of picture. my fave. you're blog is the best. love button all the way baby!


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