they're called 'holiday nails'

Shelley and I have a few holiday traditions.

I'd like to share one of the most important of all our holiday traditions with you today. Settle in.

Holiday Nails.

They're called Holiday Nails because you get your nails painted just before the holidays and then you have Holiday Nails. Simple enough, but definitely not to be confused with Birthday Nails, Wedding Nails, We're Going to The Mall Nails, We Just Feel Like It Nails or What Else Should We Do Today Nails.

Holiday Nails are like the Holy Grail of our Nail rituals throughout the year. We base the entire season on these nails. Oh, and PK has to pay for Holiday Nails otherwise they aren't Holiday Nails. Then they're just We Had To Pay, This Stinks Nails.

We decided, after much deliberation and a sister-club vote, it was time for Lucy to join us for Holiday Nails. It was a tough decision. Hanging chads. Recounts. But it came out in Lu's favor.

She was excited.

She knew this was huge.

She knew she was going to get "pretty nails" and get to be with the big girls. What more could she want out of life?

We picked a color for Lucy. Then we were told "No. I pick."
She went for a stunning shade of red.
A nail trim + the "oh my gosh what exactly are you doing to me" look kind of makes this one of my favorites.
And let the polishing begin.
Both Shelley and I ended up partially painted in the va-va-voom red because after each finger, Lucy announced "Now Sister's turn". "Now Mommy's turn". "Now Lucy's turn". It was actually the longest manicure in recorded history. A sun-dial could have timed this.
While Shelley works on getting Lucy's nails dry, why don't you just take a second and soak up that outfit. Black leggings in boots. A leopard print turtle neck with a fur vest. Top it all off with her chocolate brown leather jacket and I'd say it's a pretty typical Saturday with Lucy.

Slammin' comes to mind.

Holiday Nails on Lucy, well, I'd liken it to adding hair extensions to Samson. They only made her better, stronger.

Instantly, she went into dainty touching, holding, and doing anything and everything to show off her nails.

Including telling the nail technicians how to do their job.
Really, Lu? Because I'm pretty sure that Yo Gabba Gabba does not have a cosmetology episode so I'm not sure where you're getting your information.

I'm sorry, but look at the delicate hands holding the filing brick.
I mean, really? She definitely wasn't that dainty when she man-handled my cookie dough whilst rolling snicker doodles -- and by rolling, I mean flattening the balls that I formed.

It was just a banner day for Lucy altogether. Holiday Nails at their best.

How could you not just love Holiday Nails, a hot chocolate, and a day with the big girls? Especially when you have that face.


  1. Good God she is adorable! I Love Lucy posts-he he he pun intended :)

  2. Then they are just "we had to pay, this stinks". I totally know that nail trip, and no one should have to go thru that. :)

  3. ha ha I bet they were glad to see you leave...not really you probably had them cracking up. Lucy is stinkin adorable.

  4. The picture with the Starbucks cup should be the new cover of "Bellevue Mother" magazine.


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