Merry Christmas (again)

She cried the second Santa was in view.

Then, she screamed when Bubba sat next to Santa (apparently, Santa is dangerous and shouldn't be near loved ones). She was in terrified sobs when Shelley relented and sat down next to the big guy. Absolute hysterics.

Then the Elf brought out a peppermint sucker and it was like it nothing had ever happened.

"Sucker MA!"

This is as good as we could do because someone is not a fan of being sans sucker around Santa. That sucker was the only thing getting her through and darn it, she was not about to part with it.

Merry Christmas!
Love, Lu (also known as Lou while wearing the tux).

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  1. Look how happy Santa is! I don't blame him, this is as close as he'll probably ever get to such a gorgeous lady. (And a cutie like Loui). ;)


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