it's kind of like a behavior chart.

Every teacher has a way of managing classroom behaviors. We do. We all do.

Some have what we call "card charts."

You start on green. With a warning you go to yellow. Then if you are being really, really, really naughty you go to red.

I remember the ol' name on the chalk board.

This would still be effective, if classrooms still had chalk boards (we don't have chalk boards or white boards where I live. We have 5 foot by 5 foot smart boards...another day, another time).

Some teachers count. "You're a 1". Then "you're a 2". Finally "you're a 3" and then that's usually a time out. Others have sticker charts and marbles jars and table points.

It's all about keeping the peace and making sure everybody knows where they stand (in school, we're all about constant feedback -- but then again, who isn't? I want to know when I doing something great. I also want to know when I'm doing something not-so-great.But more, I want this for Chuck.)

I've tried using a counting system with Chuck, but you can't actually make a 28 year old have a time out. I wanted to do a card system and make him change his card, but I'm lazy and pocket charts are surprisingly spendy. I really should think more about this once the holidays are over. We do have a chalk board now -- I could bring back the ol' "Chuck" with a check mark next to it.

For now, I've designed a holiday based behavior chart. This should at least carry us through to January. Or whenever I finally take my tree down.

The year we got married, I found the smallest, tiniest, least yucky blucky lovey dovey ornament possible to mark the occasion. What ultimately drove me to those ornaments is that you can separate them.

They don't always have to be lovey dovey.

When Chuck's on a "green" I can leave them like this. Together. Happy.
This is a good behavior day.

When Chuck's on "yellow", I move them apart for a warning.
For example, "Chuck, please do not build an 8 foot scratching post for our family room. Jack will be fine without it."

"Red card" is a more blatent back turn when behavior has gone completely out the window. "Chuck, you have now put an 8 foot scratching post in our family room. Do not even think about adding a platform to it. Again, Jack will be fine."

This is the next level after he completely disobeys me and I decide, finally, to do away with him.

And then I flee the country and avoid extradition.
It's really a simple behavior chart.
Nothing fancy.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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