it's exactly what I needed.

We got to spend pretty much the whole day together and it was pretty much spectacular.

We took our lives into our own hands and took the bus into Seattle. Fe loves the bus. I loves to humor her. In running (literally) from one bus to another we ended up in maybe not the greatest part of town at maybe not the best McDonald's for two suburban gals to grab a quick Happy Meal. We ate, faster than we've ever eaten before, and watched our transfer bus head into the sunset (not really, just down Pike) without us on it. Ten minutes of killing time on the sidewalk in still not the greatest part of town for a mother-daughter pair in matching boots, leggings, and black tees, but you know what? We made it.

We made it.
To our (oh, what did we decide Fe?) 15th Nutcracker performance by the PNB. I loved the Peacock best (I always do) and Fe did a lovely rendition of the lead ballerina in the Flower Waltz as we marched our way to the Monorail to meet The Gang (PK, Shell, Bubba and Lu) at our favorite restaurant.

Pretty much a perfect day with my perfect Fe.

Isn't that exactly what Christmas Break is all about? Perfect days with perfect Moms. Hope you get (or have gotten one) with yours too.


  1. Can I steal yours? Mine's forever and a mountain pass away :(

  2. Still shattered but so blessed...

  3. You guys make me so happy that I had a girl. Pretty stinkin' cute.


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