it made sense at the time.

I don't really know how to explain this.
I also don't really remember why we did this.
I have a lot of questions. I have very few answers. Persmaps, you can try and make sense of it as you read it and then get back to me. K, thanks.

Ok, so because Shelley is "The Parent" PK said she needed to write Lucy the letter she would receive from Santa. I said that was Santa's job and then Chuck said we needed to have a talk.

Shelley and I went to the kitchen to sort this out. I convinced Shelley that writing the note on Dad's letter head didn't spell authentic. And then I said neither did the hotel note pad that Fe had tucked in the junk drawer. We came to an agreement on plain white printer paper.

It took Shelley a few tries to really disguise her handwriting, so there was a lot of laughing, a few out takes, and a little wet-tening. Plus, PK yelling that Lucy was a 2 year old, couldn't read, and wouldn't recognize Shelley's handwriting wasn't helping our cause. I told PK that Debbie Downer wasn't invited to Christmas and should leave, and then PK said we needed to have a talk.

I liked Shelley's death grip pencil hold.

I told her if she was in my first grade class we could fix that.

I have very little memory of the next steps in the Santa Letter. What I do know is that some time between writing the letter and putting it at the fire place, it was decided that the letter should be soaked in tea so it looks really old and then we'd burn the edges. Something about Santa having old paper, but I could be mistaken.

I really have no idea why we decided to do this, but we covered it in tea for about 2 hours.
I remember Shelley yelling something about how this was going to be a fun Lucy Christmas tradition (to have an old looking letter) and then Chuck saying that Santa didn't send his letter on the pony express and why was this necessary. "Dear Lucy," he said, "I hope this letter finds thee well."

We told Chuck that he could join the little black rain cloud club in the living room because we needed to burn the edges of the letter for authenticity. Then Fe said "No" Chuck needed to supervise the burning of the edges because apparently that guy gets a lot more credit around the house than Shelley and I do. For the record, between us sisters, we've only started one small fire in the house and the sister that started it [cough] Shelley [cough] put it out quickly.

Still, we apparently needed a parent chaperone and Chuck was deemed "parent".

I don't actually have any pictures of the burning part and I think that's a good thing. It tells me that I was actually paying attention to the burning paper I was holding and not on documenting it. I think this shows growth and maturity. Please note that.

You can sort of see the burnt letter in this picture taken when Lucy "discovered" her Santa presents.

Forgive the blurryness and generally crudiness of this picture (and all previous pictures in this post). I think you can see what the letter looked like.

Bottom line, I really don't know why we did this. Why did Lucy need a letter from Santa that looked like it traveled in a covered wagon or worse, the Mayflower? Did he need to tell us that Vixon died of dysentery, but that Ma and Pa send their love? These are all excellent questions.

This is what happens when you have a sister. It's called feeding off each other, things spiraling out of control, and any check and balance system that was in place becomes null and void from giggling and you end up with a letter to Santa that should have come on horse back.

And of course we will be doing this again next year.
We will ride this into the ground.

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