hiking just got fabulous.

They're $1,100.
But I'm thinking they are definitely a need, not a want.

High heel hiking boots.

Oh and they are legit. Incidentally enough, too legit, too legit to quit (had to, hands tied).

Part rain boot. Part hiking boot. Part high heel. All fabulous.
And let's be honest people, if Chuck has any hope of taking me anywhere outdoors anytime in the near century, then he might as well fork over the dough because I'm only doing it if current style and fashion standards are maintained. Why wear cumbersome and bulky protective footwear when I can be completely inappropriate, a hazard to myself and everything else in the forest (bears, too), but with incredible calf definition?

I do, however, have a myriad of questions (these boots just beg for questions, don't they?):
Who is this marketed to (other than me)?
Who is buying these?
sub question: Are they using them as God and Marketing Execs intended?

But really, just knowing they exist has made my life infinitely better.

Christmas complete.
Susie out.


  1. Where would one even buy these?! They are hilarious! If you buy them I will accompany you on a hiking trip just for some good laughs:) We should go near Sally's house so Emma can come rescue you!

  2. Added with a pair of super tight skinny's...I don't know how hiking could get easier?! Of course, the bears are totally going to want to sleep with you...so be careful.


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