what i've been doing lately

Right before Lucy was born, I had this epiphany or dream or something. You get it.

I would photograph and document her life in the best way possible. She would have amazing childhood pictures to look back on. She would look like those happy, smiley babies in the fancy photos that we all drool over (I mostly drool here and here because these girls are fabulous and the stuff photographic dreams are made of).

But it definitely meant breaking up with the Canon Powershot that I stole from Fe in 2006. I would need one of those fancy-ish cameras that every Mom has (ok, so I'm not a Mom, but it's my sister's baby, defacto, wherein, there to, My Baby).

I had literally no idea what I was doing with that big thing.
I thought, permaps, that great pictures just came with the camera.
Buy the camera. Have great pictures. Done and done. Sign me up.

It didn't actually work that way.

Exhibit A
Lucy at 2 months.
I had no idea you could change the white balance on your camera (that's why it's yellow). I had no idea what an ISO was or that you could adjust it (that's why the picture is grainy). I had no idea that shutter speeds and f-stops were real things and not mythical creatures like the tooth fairy and good hair days when you need them.

I was devastated.

So I did something I rarely do.
I read instruction manuals. I scoured the Internet for information. And I listened to anyone that knew anything. Chuck's friend Paul showed me how to fix the white balance. Dania's friend Kris taught me about ISO. And the Pioneer Woman (God bless her) explained f-stops in Susie Friendly language (mostly with short, single syllablewords).

I think at this stage I know 5% of everything there is to know about cameras and pictures. But, hey, that's a 5 percentage point increase since January 2009 so WIN.

Lately, pictures are all I'm doing.
Since mid-October I've had 2 to 4 shoots a weekend and that is bananas to me.

That's what I've been doing lately. Pictures, pictures, pictures.
It's crazy when people ask me to shoot them. I blush, and coo, and still don't know what to think about that. And I still get nervous before each shoot because six months ago this was definitely a hobby and 18 months ago, I took pictures like this:


I'm trying to find my "voice" in my pictures.
I'm also trying to decide how far I'm going to let this go.

But for now, it's a heckuva ride and it's been amazing spending time with friends I'd lost touch with, ones I'm just falling in love with, and people I've just met for the first time. I've been blessed to be asked to capture happy moments in time and I'm thankful for the little journey I'm on right now.

This past week was especially bananas. I did one engagement session, three family sessions, and a quick Christmas card shoot with Dania because I love her and I can't say no to that face.

{Andrea and Canyon}
Alki and West Seattle High School
July 30, 2010

{The M Family}
Gas Works Park

{The L Family}
Point Defiance Park

(The K Family}
Point Defiance Park

{The C Family}
also known as Dania, Jeff, and Paisley
Central Washington University

Thanks for all your support, friends.
For inviting me to photograph your lives, for sharing my name. I'm still amazed.


  1. Haha I love the last pic where they're all "crying."

  2. if Dania doesn't use that as her xmas card I'll be disappointed - such a good one :) they should have a reality show!!!!

  3. and crushing dreams...


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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