guess what? chuck went a little too far. shocked? anyone?

Here's my running list, lemme know if I've missed anything.

1. Ship's Wheel.
2. 8 foot scratching post.
3. Chalkboard creating.
4. House painting.
5. Estate sales/auctions.

Oh sorry, $100,000 Pyramid Category is "Things/Jokes Chuck Takes Too Far" OR "Times Chuck Has Crossed the Proverbial 'Line'"

I'd like to offer, with your blessing and approval, "Halloween" as number 6 to this list (and let's be very clear that I know there are more than 6 things on this list, but it's not coming to me right now - repressed memories and all).

Chuck is very into Halloween. VERY. Not so much Halloween as a whole but costumes. We're at nine Halloweens together. Nine times of watching the ritual of coming up with the random costume idea, gathering supplies, and giggling the whole time. If there's one thing Chuck's good at, it's making himself laugh. He's his favorite audience.

I just settled in for this year's selection. And the thing about this year is that he hadn't changed Halloween costumes in a while, so this was years of pent up Halloween-ing about to be unleashed.

You can't blame him for not changing costumes in a while.

When you put together this ensemble, you really have to ride it into the ground (which is the other thing Chuck is really good at). But actually, this costume is still freaking hilarious.

But, he decided he needed a change.
This year, he started with the makeup.

His Halloween makeup far exceeded my use of makeup for the night.

Then the hair.

He hasn't had a hair cut since August.
Again. Chuck takes the commitment to a whole new level.

Then the muscle suit.

And the shirt. Which, if you were wondering, was purchased on the clearance rounder of Nordstrom Rack, thus answering the question of "where do people find those shirts??"

New tennis shoes.
Clip on diamond studs from Claire's (where else?).
Fe's red Lacoste sunglasses.
And a gold chain from my jewelry box.

And that's how you turn Chuck,

into Pauly D from the Jersey Shore.

Soak it up.
I swear, I've known him for 10 years and I barely recognized him.
I sent Shelley a picture of him and she literally didn't recognize it was him.

Again, the level he took this to.
I don't know whether to applaud him or be genuinely concerned with him.

Here's the only picture of us from the night. I had to steal it from another friend off Facebook.

I was the Wicked Witch of the East. See the house (it fell on my head)? I made it myself. Chuck was proud of me, but let's be honest no one cared because Chuck was wearing makeup.

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