centaur, yoda, and skeleton pajamas.

We picked out Lucy's costume the day costumes went on sale at Target.

And when I say we, I mean Lucy walked the aisle and settled on it herself. True story.

Fairy dress?
Princess costume?
Butterfly? Lady Bug? Dorothy?

Nope. She's picked a horse costume. The kind where, well, you'll see it in a second so just sit tight through the introductions. Basically, it was everything you would never pick for a little girl and everything you would ever expect from Us and Lucy.

We had about six weeks with this costume at home and had several successful try-ons. Shelley announced Lucy was a Centaur (half man, half horse) and everyone seemed happy. Until one day when Lucy decided NOOOOOOO. She was not going to wear the horse costume anymore.

She would also not look at it.
Touch it.
Or be in the same room with it.

Done. We were at a loss. I don't know about Lucy, but two people here (Shelley and Susie) had their hearts set on a Centaur Child and were pretty devastated.

Despite Lucy's aversion, Shelley held out hope. I had in fact given up. I lobbied for the purchase of a second costume as a Plan B, but Shelley wouldn't hear of it. Lucy was going as a Centaur. Period.

Needless to say, it was a little tense around here when costumes started going on. Would she? Wouldn't she? Was Halloween going to be a bigger disaster than Emily's Reasons Why Not?

There were baited breaths when the costume came out.
And then she smiled.
She giggled.

She actually put it on and seemed pretty OK with it.

CENTAUR. Shelley and I, once again, got what we wanted (I think we're still undefeated in this game).

We took her outside for a few pre-Halloween pictures.

And saw the neighbors prepping for Halloween. We asked if maybe we could do a Trick or Treating trial run and see how that was going to go down.

I'd say, emphasis on down.

Lucy was terrified. She didn't get it. She didn't get the candy part. She just didn't get it. The neighbors gave her a lollipop anyways, which she would later slather all over her face.

Shelley pulled a startled and confused Lucy home.

Pretty literal there. Pulled.
Shelley said that Trick or Treating was looking more like the Oregon Trail at this point. Or actually, more like the Trail of Tears.

Mom said we needed more practice. Apparently, she knows a few things with parenting. Apparently. So, we did a trail run at our house.

This went much better.

We took a few pictures.

We got a lot of candy from the big bowl.

This "practice", it actually may have gone too well.

Because that's the moment when it clicked.

The idea of Trick or Treating. Something must have also clicked in her little head that said a Centaur costume wasn't complete without the Yoda Hat from last year.

So, she ran into the street screaming "I wan mo cadey". Loosely translated "I want more candy." Screaming it. Looking every where for more candy. Every where.

Shelley went to grab her.
Shelley was then told "NOOO. I walk."

Shelley was shocked. Clearly.

We let her wander a little more because it was high-larious. Remember that at this point she's dressed as a Centaur with a Yoda Hat while wearing Skeleton Pajamas. Screaming.

We decided to try the Trick-or-Treating again.
It went swimmingly. She absconded with about 8 pieces of candy from another neighbor's bowl and actually said Thank You at the end. One more time at another house and she was pretty hooked.

And that was Lucy's Halloween.
Centaur, Yoda Hat, and Skeleton Pajamas.

I can't believe this little girl.

Is now this little punk. Love the difference a year makes.

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