well, um, actually a pretty nice little saturday.

We're married (I thought I'd throw that one out there in case you needed a little help) so obviously most Saturdays are Home Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond. Wall paper, flooring, the stuff wedded dreams are made of. Trust me. It's quite a little life.

Change of pace this Saturday. Huge for us. We likes ourselves some routines so changes are difficult. We're working on it.

We got to have Little Lucy Saturday and ohmystars, did we ever pack a lifetime into our time together. And are we ever exhausted from it. I'm not sure what your current situation is, but ours does not usually involve a very mobile 21 month old. So mobile and so active and we're so not in "toddler" shape that we all took a nap mid day to recharge for the last few hours. That apparently wasn't enough as Chuck and I then slept for another 10 hours to recover.

Baby 2053?
More like 2073. I need time to get in shape. You'd think eighteen 6 year olds every day and I'd be in great run-around shape. Not so much. Like I said, we're gonna need a bigger boat. Or more time.

Anywhoo, of course, our time revolved around Bubba and Lucy. I'd say I was definitely a player Saturday -- even a starter -- but I wasn't MVP. Bubba, naturally, stole the show.

We started Saturday in a great mood. After pouring chocolate milk all down our PJs, I threw 'em in the wash and went to change her. Of course, she took off running (because everything can be a game now) and tried to wear "Coat" (her beloved attachment item. Blanket? No. Teddy? No. You think the kid who has a stuffed horse named Justin and a baby doll named Diane would have something so typical? Please). "Coat" is a 12 month size jacket (she's 21), has no zipper, is running low on closed seams, and likes long walks on the beach, naps, and play-dough (who knew).

For some reason, she decided to try and wear coat. I don't believe Coat has been a wearable item since February.

This went really well.

So she ditched him. And then, as you know, it is written law that an exposed belly must become a raspberry belly.

Bubba's favorite kind.

We went on to explore the new chalk board.
Oh yeah, that bad boy is done (pictures and an explanation soon. Sorry if you've been holding your breath waiting to see it all **cough**mother-in-law**cough**).

She was, as always, a delicate artist.

Thoughtful in her craft.

I do believe that my rendering of her on the board was quite accurate.

You be the judge (do note that in the picture she is holding the artist's rendering of Coat). I'm expecting a lot of praise. No pressure. Just a middle child looking for attention. Now that's a shocker.

Whilst heading upstairs to finally get ready for the day, Lucy posed a little picture for me. She put my baby doll (Oh Baby -- that's her name. She has one arm and stuffing coming out all ends. Lucy adores her) on the step. Sat next to her, instructed Bubba to do the same, and said Cheese.

I assumed this meant I was supposed to photograph them.

I assumed right.
I love this photo for so many reasons: 1. Chuck's pre-shower hair which he is growing out because that is his level of commitment to his Halloween costume. 2. That everyone has their hands in their laps (baby would have, but like I said, she is sans arm). 3. That Lucy is now participating in picture taking. My life just got a whole lot easier.

Once we recovered from our morning funsies, we landed at The Mother Ship (Nordstrom to the lay person) for new shoes (naturally) and a new outfit (isn't that what aunts are for?). It was at said Mother Ship that Lucy discovered one of the greatest inventions known to mankind.


Two hours later and Lucy and Bubba had ridden up and down every escalator The Mall had to offer.
She would run to them.

She would squeal.

She wouldn't let go.

See what I mean about riding all of them?
Cheapest amusement park ever. Skip Disneyland (that felt down right sacrilegious).

But she did have a blast. And it was a tad bit cheaper than a 3 day park hopper.

From there we hit the best drive in around. You park and eat in your car (think that scene from original Vacation when Clark puts the tray on the window and breaks it). How amazing it must feel to be allowed to roam free in a car when you are normally tethered to a car seat. She goes bananas for this place.

And for blackberry milkshakes.
It was Bubba's. Emphasis was.

One afternoon nap, another round of chalk boarding, and a little "chase Jack while ROAR-ing" later and we decided to hit the park across the street for what I like to call "How You Go To a Park in Seattle During October".

Bring a towel.
Expect to get wet.
Make peace with it.

We did the swings.

We did the slide.

We did the whatever this is.

We did peek-a-boo through the train and that it was life alteringly funny.

We did the swing again with Bubba and thought it was fantastic.

We did this face when we said it was time to go.

Finally, it was dinner. She ate twice as much as usual and so did we. We were so worn out. One "Elmo" TV time later and a bubble bath was drawn.

I may have gone a little bubble crazy.

You be the judge.

This is kind of my favorite face ever.

Nope, this is.

She was making faces at herself. She's a hoot.

And there. That's it. She then slept for 14 hours because we do Saturdays right around here, as they should be done. Other things we did Saturday, not pictured or already noted: Krispy Kream for breakfast (watching how "done dones" are made), jumping on our bed and playing the "fake sleep" game, and going to the Play Place at The Mall. And we would now like to sleep for 14 hours to recover from our time with her.

Of course, it was exhausting and draining and demanding, but now the house feels empty and sad and quiet, and I may (may) have cried after she left because I already miss her.

How could you not miss this face?


  1. Such precious pictures of Lucy. You capture every emotion. Thanks for sharing!! MIL

  2. OMGeee. Nordies and Burgermaster = my favorite day EVER! I miss Seattle :(


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