we almost did the pumpkin patch right.

We're not big into "standard" or "traditional" around here. I don't think we ever claimed to be, but I want to make sure it's noted. And it's not just us, it's a family thing.

I feel like Lucy is bearing the brunt of all the irreverence. She's receiving a concentrated version of "untraditional" as a sort of "prize" for us having gone (at some point) through the normal traditions ahead of her -- only to find out that normal isn't always that great. We wanted to make sure she never feels the pressure to be "normal".

I mean, really, think about it.

Her school pictures from last year?

The pearls. The "come hither". It may not be normal, but it sure as heck is "Lucy".

Or her Christmas picture last year.

Santa and the elves were pretty psyched to see at least one little girl who was sans a velvet red dress and an attitude. How could you have an attitude in a Yoda hat and a tutu onsey?

Point is: We never want Lucy feeling The Pressure. Shelley has always been very focal in wanting Lucy to "wear her geek on her sleeve" and I think we are on a good path.

So today, we got her ready for Pumpkin Patch-ing, us style.
First, Lucy dressed in her new favorite top -- she selected it from Target and insisted on it.

It's a boy's top. It's 24 months. She rocked it.
I insisted on zebra rain boots, but really? Why wouldn't I?

We actually made a pretty good run at traditional today.

I mean, not many families were pushing their baby through the parking lot in a wheelbarrow, but you know what? She loved it and I feel like maybe these were just stuffy patch people.

She fed the animals.

Kind of. More like, Shelley fed them and Lucy threw pellets at their faces and then was extremely taken back at their lack of desire for her "num nums". It was shocking.

And as we expected, she tried to convince us to get her the ugliest pumpkin in the pile.

And by pumpkin, I mean "apple". Every pumpkin was called an "apple." We gave up by the end and just soaked up the looks from the other families.

She did have a blast with this tradition.

Oh, and in (almost) two year old fashion, every pumpkin (apple) was "MINE!".


That's about the time we stepped back and looked at these pumpkins.

They were huge.
The line was long.
The rain was starting.
Lucy was having to be carried at this point.

Because that speedster couldn't be trusted anymore.

And we gave up. We figured, we did the pumpkin patch.
Ok, so we did the "patch" part, we just skipped the pumpkin part.

So, if Lucy asks you: yes, pumpkin patches are where pumpkins grow.
And grocery stores are where pumpkins are purchased.


We came really close to actually accomplishing a normal, traditional family event.
So close.


  1. (idiot.) that was my fave part. GO CHUCK!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lucy is A-Dor-A-Freaking-Ble! I looooove all the pictures of her and her little piggy tails! :)

  3. last year Ryder called all the pumpkins "apples" too. this year he was pissed that some were broken (with their guts spilling out) and wanted batteries to fix them. He's convinced batteries can fix anything...even pumpkins. Love the pics!


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