it's the little parts of marriage that just make it fun.

So, right, right, we're married, it's a partnership. It's equals. Oh yeah, there's nothing going on around here other than equalness. Equality baby. Chuck and I reside on one smooth level playing field.

We would never (never) have stand-offs with each other.

You understand the sarcasm here, right?
I'm just checking.

In our marriage, we like to have stand-offs for power. It's pretty much our favorite game. Trust me, stand-offs are totally normal and just a sign of love. LOVE, people. Because love is seeing which person breaks first and carries the Pile O' Life up the staircase. Who will it be? Who will back down?

Whoever does, well, they lost.
They gave in.
They may love more (and be willing to pull there weight around here), but they don't have The Power anymore - side note: at press time, we had yet to determine what The Power was and/or what good it was to even have when the other person now hates you for not picking your stuff up off the stair any of the 27 times you passed it during the day.

The stand-off for power has also happened with the Grocery Totes.

Because getting our groceries delivered isn't lazy enough.
Then, we have to add the "leave it in the foyer until someone cracks and gives in" game. Someone will break down and carry them to the garage.

Oh, and a new addition has been the power struggle over taking stuff upstairs that has been left on the corner of the kitchen counter.

Yes, that is a sailor's hat, and yes, I agree. I think the addition of this spot is what's confusing. All these items should have been added to the staircase, which is a Nationally recognized pile location.

The thing about the Clean Laundry Standoff is that usually it just naturally takes care of itself.

As in, eventually we run out of clothing and just start grabbing from The Pile, and yeah, it pretty much takes care of itself. Incidentally, I'm also relatively sure that this is how families on Hoarders get their starts.

Anything that can't fit in the dishwasher.

Well, that's just a given. No one (other than my mother) likes hand washing dishes.
At least, no one in this house.

And don't judge about the pictures. Obviously, they've been taken over time and I've collected them and fostered them and loved them....

They definitely were not all taken tonight after I realized we'd gone into a sort of Power Struggle Pile Overload and were in danger of needing to make pathways to get between the stacks. It would be so embarrassing if these were all pictures of our house in its current state... so embarrassing.

We've decided on a Piles Truce for this round since obviously, this got too big.
Though we didn't declare a winner, I would like it known that before said truce was announced Chuck washed the pan and carried the Grocery Totes to the garage.

I don't want to say "winner", but WINNER.


  1. too funny, wish I could get my groceries delivered, i think i'm a little too small town for that, maybe someday! Love your blog, it cracks me up!!

  2. I know right...after reading your blog about grocery delivery I went and looked it up. Not available in my area :(

    The staircase is definitely a Nationally Recognized Pile Location. Usually surrounded by 4-5 pairs of shoes that need to go up in the closet after taking them off right by the front door.

  3. I don't recognize any of these scenarios. Not a one.


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