it only took us, what? 22 months?

Quick. Speedy. In a rush.

These are things that we are not. We've never claimed to be so at least we aren't liars. Win.

For goodness sakes people we've been married since 2005 and we're looking at (minimum) another 43 years until we have kids. So house decorating, yeah, we're aren't in a rush with that either. The way we figure, we aren't moving for, um, ever, so what's the hurry. If we gots anything, we gots time.

But (ding ding ding) we have officially finished a room. Remember, we just moved in like 22 months ago. Slack. Cut us some.

I love this. I (Chuck) pulled the couch out from the wall and added a shelf behind it, the same height as the back. Worked out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

And, it doubles as a fantastic cat tunnel.
Jack meowed "win" and then made his paws do "w.o.w."

Little more sophositcated, and by sophistated I mean, hallelujah we got rid of the $9 IKEA coffee tables that I bought when I was 19 and thought "meh, this'll do for a year at college." Those dang tables have followed me since 2002 and, because I'm too cheap and so RTC (resistant to change) I never could part with them.

Still haven't.

Them bad boys are now in the garage enjoying a nice little RIP, but at a safe distance where I can see them (because I can't fully part with them -- someone call A&E and sign me up for Hoarders. Not for today or for tomorrow, but give me 15 years and 7 cats and we're in business.).

The truth is, most everything, wait, no, everything in the "before" is from college apartments and now, nothing is. Except the striped couch. He used to be a white couch and he's sinfully comfortable at this point.

That's the accomplishment for us. 5 years post college and this room is like we were never there.

Tomorrow, I'll teach you how to make a chalkboard for your house and then, I'll teach you how to discuss separating from your husband during the 9 day stand off that is now known as "Chalkboard Building".

Not now though.
This post is already long enough for what it is.

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  1. WOW, that room looks fanastic. What a great job. Can't wait for the "rest of the story." MIL


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