it doesn't get much cuter than this.

Watching Lucy learn to speak has been my favorite thing.

And talking with purpose, not just Momma and Ball (or my favorite which is MomMom for Fe - we theroize that hearing me scream Mom followed by Shelley screaming Mom produced MomMom - Mom squared, if you will - in Lucy's mind). Anyways, the whole talking with purpose and trying to convey information, that's been my favorite. It's like unlocking a world. Lucy is now my personal Secret Garden. Except without a tree swing or Dickon, my first literary love B.E.C. (Before Edward Cullen).

I've got my favorite Lucy sentence: "Oh, Bubba here?" whenever she sees me. Not "Hi", not "Hey". It's "oh you're the one that brings Bubba to me". It's called feeling loved. I don't have it. If the answer to that is no, then I get a pout face and a "why no Bubba?" which is next on my list because even when he's gone I'm still second fiddle.

And then there's how she talks to and what she says about her "baby", which she more says as "BeeBee". And sometimes says like a secret.

BeeBee Nighy Nighy. BeeBee potty. Everything is BeeBee. BeeBee, I'm sad to say, is beginning to get blamed for some light naughtiness that's been going on. Personally, I love it. I'm a middle child, so I've always had a high appreciation for finding scape goats. I had 2. Someone was always bound to take the fall first. I love that Only Child Lucy is creating this world for herself.

Anyways, when she sees a real BeeBee, she stops in her tracks like she's seeing an angel.
"Oh, iz a BeeBee".
She's so fascinated by them.
Which, I'm now realizing is her way of pushing the Baby Agenda on Chuck and Me. How do you explain 2053 to a 22 month old?

Since obviously we aren't giving her any BeeBees to play with anytime in this decade or the next or the next or the next, it was decided that Lucy should meet Dania's BeeBee. Why? Well, Emy and I wanted to see Dania again (I mean, it's been 3 weeks) and Lucy provided a great excuse for a brunchtime visit.

Lucy knew we were going to see a BeeBee. She got that. She got that Dania was the Mom and the guy who looked a little too much like Chuck (and was thus shunned the entire visit) was Jeff, the BeeBee's Dad.

Lucy went into instant whisper mode when she say Paisley. How every little girl knows to whisper around a baby is beyond me. But they do. She petted the BeeBee gently, because little girls know to do this too.
Then she kissed the BeeBee after some light prompting and a realization that her Bubba (also called "my Bubba") was holding the baby and not her. Lucy thinks kissing is nuzzling heads. It's both adorable and effective.

Lucy talked to the BeeBee and was very worried the BeeBee was sad because she kept crying.

She even offered her beloved fingers to the BeeBee to help her stop crying. Although we declined her offer, I'm pretty sure Dania would have been fine with it since no one in that place has slept since September.

We also decided that a dance party was in order. Obviously. We threw on a little Taio Cruz and Dania started dancing with Paisley, which, we found out quiets a screaming Baby P. Good to know.

Lucy saw what that Mom was doing and followed suit dancing with her BeeBee.

Total copy cat.

The meeting was a success.
Lucy met BeeBee. Lucy loved BeeBee. And we got to hear and look for BeeBee for hours to come once we got home. Good thing Bubba was here.

Oh and I would also like mad props on Lucy's outfit. I bought it for the occasion. Kind of want one is Susie size.

I also took a few (yeah, right, a few) one month pictures of Paisley and her parents.
Love this little family.

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