chubby cheeks and first cupcakes.

His little face had me melting Sunday.


His first birthday party was Sunday and of course, I brought the cameras.

I've come to realize that picture taking is a bit like my crutch at social events. It's not that I'm anti-social, it's just that I like doing something always. My cameras, they give me something to do and the need-for-constant-stimulus (aka middle child) part of me loves that. I have something to tinker with. Something to look at. Something to be my second activity.

I always have a second activity. Right now, it's TV and blogging. I could tell you every word being said on TV verbatim even though I'm typing the words for this post. Chuck needed my computer last night which forced me to watch a movie and ONLY that movie. I had no idea how to focus on only one thing. I don't think I comprehended the movie nearly as well as I could have. I totally should've read a book while it was on. Dang. Missed opportunity.

Talent? Or the product of middle-childhood.
Meh. It's my life coping mechanism and it works.

Anyways, I had a nice little Sunday snapping pictures at Tyson's party while hanging out with his fabulous family. It was quite a little event. I was most in-love with the menu: french fries, nuggets, and pb&j. As a notorious picky eater (who is a convicted "pre-eater" before events, just in case I don't like what's being served), I was so happy that there was food for my palate. My palate being the same as a 1 year olds. I feel I should work the first birthday circuit more. These are my people. Clearly.

Happy Birthday Tyson!
I can't believe it's been a year.
I really, really can't.

I may (may) have wiped his face off but left the mustache.
What? I wanted to see a glimpse at the future.

I feel the same.
How is that I'm always more exhausted after the weekend? I need another weekend, then I'll be ready for Monday.

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