because we are definitely those people.

We are for sure cat people.
Those kind of cat people.

The kind that talks to their cat and believes on some level that he answers them back (because he does). Who believe their cat is a part of their family and would like others to treat him as such (because he is). Who believe they've already had children because they have Jack and mygosh people, isn't that enough? (Sorry, it's been a rough two weeks. People all up on my uterus. Twenty. Fifty. Three.)

We are those people.
And Jack is an angel cat.

When he sits with us (for family time), his sitting positions are always so funny. We've even named then. And then we talk about him sitting in them. And then we tell him about which positions he's sitting in. (cough) Cat people (cough).

Sometimes he hides his paws.
"Nope, nothing going on here in front".

He looks like a hover-cat.

See? Hover-cat.

Other times, he drapes his paws over the furniture.

How is draping your paws comfortable?

Drape paw cat. I had to go there.

Our favorite is probably when he sits like this:

With his paws straight out in front of him.

Super Cat.

Get it?
Get it?
See what I did there?

We are cat people.
Oh definitely.

But wouldn't you?

I mean you could totally get lost in those green eyes.


  1. Cat people are the best people :)

  2. He is so purrfect!!! MIL

  3. There are no words...ok maybe there are. I am truly frightened.


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