This marks my 300th post. Can you feel how big this is? I feel like this is important, or, at the very least, that I should hype it until it's important.

Kind of like the MTV Movie Awards and Water World.

I've decided to mark the occasion by recreating the movie 300 with treasured characters from The Blog. It seems fitting and a natural progression to me. I feel this is totally normal and not a bit weird.

300. Allison Wonderland style.
Own it people. It's like a commemorative poster. I feel like coffee mugs and pot holders should have been made. (Oh, and you may want to click the picture and enlarge it. I'm not trying to tell you how to run your life or read my blog, but, you know what? I am.)

On Sunday, I will lobby for ending the hunt and calling this The Family Christmas card picture, 2010, done and done. I'll need considerable backing of this motion from you all if this is going to work. Fe will be an easy one to appeal too. I feel like PK will be the hardest to sway.

Anyways, 300 posts and it all started with a few crummy pictures and captions so sad and pathetic, I can't believe that's how we began (note that I'm not linking you back to this post. It's that bad. If you want to find it, be my guest. But not on my watch.). Truth be told, I never meant for this to be anything more than an easy way for my out of town in-laws to see our then-new house and keep up on Jack's recovery from major surgery (I still can't talk about it).

But then Chuck hung a ship's wheel from our staircase.

And I found out that some people think our little life is funny.
Or sad. Very thin line between the two. Very thin.

Even though to us, going to Estate Sales,

And "winning" all this is totally normal. It still is.

But at least, what we think is a riot, you also seem to think is a riot.

Which says something.
About all of us.

But I'm glad I found you. And I'm glad I started this thing even though the upkeep is more time consuming than our house (I learned guilt trips from my grandmother).

I really do love it.


  1. LOL! definitely worth zooming in on. LOL!!!!!!!this. is. awesome. oh and nice bikini job there suz!

  2. haha. I didn't even notice the bikini the first time. Loveit.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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