what's the 100,000 anniversary gift?

Civic and I hit a milestone.

I cried. He wagged his muffler. It was a beautiful moment on The Boulevard.

We hit 100,000 miles.
Like I said, I cried. I cannot be more specific or real here. I honestly cried on the side of the road.

It was just a really big moment for Me and Civic. I'm not sure what kind of relationship you have with your car, but Me and Civic are super tight. We've been through a lot together.

And now you get to walk down memory lane.
Settle in.
My blog. My rules. My choices.

Civic came into my life at approximately 11 a.m. on August 14th, 2001. I was 18, He was 16 (miles). It was meant to be. PK got him for me and the surprise was that Civic was an automatic. After careful thought and consideration, PK decided NOT to teach me to drive a manual. Which I still to this day believe to be the greatest decision The Father ever made. I mean, really, me and a clutch? I don't think so.

Eight days after getting Civic, we were backed into. Horrible. My first accident. Our first accident. Apparently, bright red is more of a bull's eye and R is for Race not Reverse.

It was traumatic. We're still not over it.

Two month's later, Civic and I were driving to Bellingham to visit my big brudder with a backseat full of Dorm Girls and a next door neighbor named Chuck. We hit 1,000 miles. It was a banner moment.

I love Civic.
You may have noticed that Civic is both his brand and name. Naming has never been my strong suit. Based on the naming of Civic, I'm assuming Baby 2053 will either be named Baby or 2053. It's a toss up at this point.

Civic was sort of The College Car. It went everywhere with everyone even though it was a 2-door and even though a garbage bag was filled every time people needed to get in. That's just how I roll.

I grew up in this car.
I fell in love with this car.
I fell in love going on dates with this car.

I love that this car has been backed into or rear ended three times. Seriously, bull's eye.
I love that my dorm neighbor Chuck was the first person non-Susie ever allowed to drive Civic (at 18, I believed the Pilot's License had merit. At 27, I know better).
I love that there is still a mustard stain on the roof from Jamie circa 2005.
I love that there is a permanent ring of dried coke in the cup holder.

I love that this car is so me. You could pick it out of a line up.
Every year I ask my new students to guess the color of my car. 6 years running and red has always been the first guess. Told ya, just like me.

So, yes. I cried when we hit 100,000 miles because it's been an amazing 100,000 from 18 to 27.

And then I cried again when it got to 100, 016 miles because that was officially 100,000 miles from the time PK decided I was better off in an automatic than a manual.

Me and Civic.
Peas and Carrots.

And since I know Civic is not the most inventive name (see paragraph 10), I'd love to know your car's name (for example, Cheryl's Jeep (R.I.P) was Eileen, while Emy's first car's name is blog inappropriate so she may not comment). Please to share.


  1. My 1988 blue civic hatchback was Sparticus. I have since left off naming cars. Naming kids rakes all my creativity.

    Also. You are hilarious.

  2. Can I comment on your high school car's name instead? :)

  3. Eileen Rose Bean (red jeep) is sorely missed. But, I love Gary the Go-Kart (black Honda civic) just as much. And yes, there is currently some diet coke in my cupholder as I type (hence the reason for our friendship and lack of judging.)

  4. My 2007 Mazda3 was officially named "Meepers" only a few days after purchase, as I first honked the horn and the sad sound that came out..."meep"!

    ...oh and he's a "him"... Mr. Meepers. I know, masculine.

  5. We have an explorer named Dora. Dora the Explorer. Cuz she's tight like that.

  6. The gift is a complete wax/detail job for the Birthday boy. He will be like he was 16 again!!! MIL


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