she's here.

Dania finally had her baby.

Paisley Addison
8 lbs on the dot. 20 inches.
10 fingers, 10 toes, lots of hair.

And here is the best/worst part.
Paisley was born September 13th, which (if you didn't already know off the top of your head) is also Bella Swan's birthday. I know, right? So exciting. And also, so sad. Mainly because we knew it was Bella's birthday and were not upset, disturbed, or embarrassed with this. We were thrilled. Oh. It's definitely gone too far.

That's all beside the point.
The important point is that she's here. Finally.
Labor for Dania started on a Friday and ended at 2:24 a.m. on a Monday, so we stress finally.

The biggest problem with being born on a Monday and living 100 miles away from your friends is that it takes 6 days for them to make it over the mountains to see you. Poor planning on Dania's part. I mean, really?

But we made it, finally.
We held her.

This is Aunt Jessica.

This is Aunt Emy.

This is Aunt Susie.
We'll have to settle for telling Paisley that I held her and changed her. And put her in a tutu when her parents weren't looking.

We got to hear the Birth Story.
Dania is a very animated story teller.

Jeff was a bit exhausted. I kind of died for him using the Boppie as a pillow. It just screams "new dad". Screams. It.

Oh and thank goodness she was in the onesy we special made for the occasion or that could have been real awkward.

We were touched that Paisley would remember to wear it for us.
(side note: the only reason that onesy says Sue is because we ran out of S's. It's also why Jess has only one S. Don't think this makes it ok to call me Sue just because Paisley can. This is not an open invitation.)

We spent the whole day with the new little family. It's never been that big a deal having Jeff and Dania live so far away, but now it is. We're a little in love with that little peanut and can't believe she's 100 miles and weeks from seeing away.

So, here's our little Paisley. First baby in the group.
6 days new. And a lovely little soul.

They were exhausted.
They were groggy.
But they were so happy, it was contagious.

But not that contagious.


  1. What a gorgeous little Bella swan. Nice work parents.

  2. Such a beautiful baby. Your pictures truly capture a special time. MIL


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