one down. 179 to go.

It's a funny thing, first days of school.
It's a funny thing to still have a first day of school.

First days at work usually happen just once.
You've had one.
I've had one.
But it's a little like Groundhogs Day 'round here, because I keep having one.

Every year, I have a first day.
I still have a first day.

Nothing's different on first days from when I was a kid to the first days I saw today.

The kids are adorable, obviously.
New outfits.
New school supplies.
New friends.

Really, not much has changed for me.
New outfit.
New school supplies.
New friends.

Chuck was "thrilled" (term. loosely.) to take my First Day of School picture.
I wanted Fe to see my outfit. She bought it for me back in July before "First Day" was anywhere near my lips. She showed up at our house holding it: "I found your first day dress". And the best part is, when the kids were talking about their outfits, I could legitimately say "Yeah, my mom picked my outfit out too."

Anyways. I couldn't decide how to showcase it for her.
Again, Chuck was thrilled to keep taking my picture. In the drive way. At 6:30. In his PJs. And very fashionable Ugg slippers. We're still married. Promise.

First, I wanted Fe to see it with my lunch box because they go together so well.
My lunch box, it's the red thing I'm holding. It's delicious. Jessica got us all one for her wedding and no, it's not a purse. The first time I brought it to work, they opened it to look for ID because they were sure someone had put their purse in the fridge.

No, it's my lunchbox. I'm just that fabulous.

Then, I wanted her to see it without the lunchbox, in case it had distracted her viewing, because (as I know well) she is very jealous of said lunchbox. Fe. You can buy one here.

Last, I wanted Fe to see what it would look like if I took the "I'm a teacher" cardigan off and wore it like someone who doesn't work in an office with outdoor hallways or with a desperate need for pockets.

Have I mentioned that I really like this dress? OR how much Chuck loved my posing at 6:30 am? Apparently, he's not a huge fan of my humor then. But, I feel like this gives me a good portfolio to send to Tyra for her "short, late-twenties, addicted to McDonalds" cycle.

I made it to school two hours early because I was busting.
I had also gone to bed the night before at 8 pm as part of my hibernation ritual. See, I have the ability to will myself to sleep. I just told myself I was going to be tired tomorrow and I made myself fall asleep when it was still light out. Aren't I just the biggest head case?

In case you were wondering, it was a fantastic first day. The stuff dreams are made of.

But I am...I am exhausted.
I'm out of shape. Not exercise shape. Teaching shape. The stamina to stand that long. To talk that long. To be "on" for that long.

I made it through the school day. I came home. I crashed.
Chuck made dinner. His specialty.

Mac and Cheese. With hot dogs. Own it.

People always ask me if I am excited to go to school the first day. I tell them I am, but not nearly as excited as Day 2. Now I know them. Now I know what to expect. Now I know how much fun I'll be having.

Pretty psyched for Day 2. And I already have my outfit picked out.

Kind of tempted to make Chuck take my picture again tomorrow morning just to see his face.
Really. Tempting.


  1. I WANT that dress.
    I NEED that dress.

    Where did your Fe find that dress?!?!

    (Oh and big ups to a successful first day, second day, week, year...)

  2. You look fabulous!

    I'm going back to school this fall (to get my teaching degree, no less) and I've had that giddy nervousness for about, oh, 3 months now. I was so excited to shop for school supplies again and I have yet to find THE PERFECT BACKPACK! (Or messenger bag or super cute tote, in my case).

    Good luck on your second day!

  3. I SO miss the first day of school. I'll just have to be content taking Tyler to *his* first day of preschool. Glad it went well for you!

  4. Cute. I love my lunch bag too! I'm sad Chuck didn't invite me over for mac and cheese.

  5. I totally got that lunch box from Mz Aguero too, and people ALWAYS think it is my purse. Also, I too, would like to compete in Tyra's "short, late twenties, addicted to McDonalds" cycle of ANTM.

  6. Can I just emphasize how MUCH I wish you could be Grace's teacher? Seriously. Are you like the most requested teacher in school?!

    Move by me. You could start your own school and be the local town hero.

    And there are no hikes to speak of.

    Nor beauty. But you can't have everything.

  7. Love this! I bought a dress recently at The Gap that had pockets and was seriously gitty! Every time someone would compliment me I would say "and look, it has pockets!!" To funny! And we have a cup in our house in which I deposit all the sharpies and pens that accidently make the trip home in my pockets!


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