it's called 'washers'.

I'll label it the summer of New Games, even though I hate labels (lie) and even though it's not really summer anymore.

Twice, we went to parties with Ladder Golf and everyone acted like this game was totally normal.

Did you play Ladder Golf this summer?

I feel like everyone did, but I don't remember ever hearing about this game before July 2010. What changed? What made this the coming of age summer for ladder golf? Did it get its braces off? Did it stop dying its hair with sun-in? (oh wait, that was my coming of age summer - I'm projecting).

Okay. Moving on. This isn't about ladder golf.

Our other summer game was Washers, which came into our lives courtesy of my friend Eric. It was a simpler time before Washers.

Chuck fell in love with Washers immediately and just had to make one of our very own. Let me rephrase that. He just had to make one for his and Paul's mini-break holiday to Lake Chelan. Like Chuck would actually make this for me. Making it for Paul. Heck, he'd make another kidney for Paul if he had to.

The making of this was something special.

By special, I mean concerning.

(this picture is in no way necessary to the plot other than it is not staged, but the exact face Chuck gave me when I asked him how he made this/how much it cost to make this. Mental math is tough. Flying airplanes is fun.)

Of course, there was the extreme Wikipedia recon Chuck did to perfectly make his variation of (what I'm told is) the Hawaiian version of Washers. Only Chuck would actually do research. THEN, he went ahead and stained the wood because we wouldn't want anything looking cheap, not for his Paul. $10 of AstroTurf later and you have Washers.

Oh, and you need washers too.

Chuck hand painted 4 of them. Of course he would. Have I mentioned that Chuck did all this at around 2 am? Sawing. Gluing. Painting. He is so lucky I slept through all of this. I had no idea. And ignorance was blissful, because otherwise we wouldn't be married.

We played Washers last Thursday night, after my second day of school. Cousin Janelle was here (she helped me out on Day 3 of school because she is an angel); naturally, Chuck wanted to introduce Washers to her.

Washers is a relatively simple game. 1 point for landing on the AstroTurf. 2 points for finding the dangling purgatory between hole and AstroTurf. And a mighty 3-spot for nothin' but hole.

This is dangling purgatory, in case you needed a visual.

Chuck and Janelle played. They were adorable. They're exactly 10 years, 1 month, 8 days apart (I felt like getting specific) and Chuck has always had a soft spot for Janelle.

They played.

So kindly.

Janelle celebrated Chuck's eventual victory (he got to 21 points first). I think she was as excited, if not more, than he was.

They shook hands as a show of sportsmanship because Chuck was so happy with her rate of progress in the game (how quickly she took to it).

Then Janelle and I played.

I've been around The Allison Clan since Janelle was 8 and nothing's been funner (yep, funner) than becoming friends with Janelle. Texts. Phone calls. Facebook IM-ing. She keeps me young. And because of her, I ended up buying a dress from American Eagle this summer for the first time in, oh, I don't know, 12 years. Like I said, young.

We played.

I'm gonna level with you: I was out for blood. Janelle isn't a child anymore. She's 18. And I get annihilated at everything by Chuck and recently was annihilated at pickle ball by Janelle. I had no problem trying to take her down. I'm tired of losing.

She is so used to my behavior. It's been 10 years. 10 long years.

Per-smaps, per-smaps, I may have taken our game a little seriously.

For example, when I won. I did a touchdown dance around Janelle.

I may need to discuss "play etiquette" with myself.


BTdub, no Janelles were harmed in the making of this post. She was laughing the whole time, because she knows I kid. Mostly kid. I was really excited to win. And because she is the nicest person I've ever met, she was really excited for me to beat someone, even if that someone was her.

And that is Washers.
And if you've been playing Washers and Ladder Golf for years, then yay for you. I'm a little behind the times; Chuck and I always have been. Chuck got a cell phone in 2006. Neither of us has an iPod. We use our phones for only calls (yes, Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, we are the ones still only do that) And we definitely don't Twitter.

We aren't exactly cutting edge so humor us.

ps. This was the evening of Day 2: School Year.

I had Chuck take a picture of my dress for the day, since I told you I already had it picked out, ready to wear, and had threatened that I would do this. His eye roll was audible.


  1. ladder golf - fairly new to me. Washers - my grandpa used to make his own boards too. Any time you two want some competition, I'll be over. :)

  2. was that sun in comment for me? cuase susie i will be blonde when i get back!!!!


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