how we did.

May seems like a lifetime ago. I'm pretty sure it was. How are months starting to seem like years, but years only seem like days? Confused? Good. That's how I like you.

May was when Chuck and I sat around and made our summer goals. We shared some of them with you (here), because we thought (emphasis, thought) that this would help them get accomplished. Not to point fingers, but you did nothing to help out.

Here's the list just for a quick refresh.
1. Go to a Horse Race Show.
2. Go to The Court House Show.
3. Grow something edible.
4. Marry Rob Pattinson.
5. Remodel the Kitchen.
6. Visit Josh.
7. NOT Fixing the Fence
8. Garage sit way more often.
9. Go on a boat (subsequently saying "I'm on a boat").
10. Organize the garage.

Now that summer 2010 may officially R.I.P., it's time to recap the successes, the failures, and the everything in between.

Here goes.

1. We went to the Horse Race Show.

It was fantastic. This was such a WIN. A fail because of the hat situation (or lack there of) but a win, nonetheless. We actually did something. This is huge for us. [I wrote all about the horse race show here, so I don't feel very inclined to rehash it all again -- wow. I have an attitude tonight. I should delete that sentence and rewrite it nicer, but looky looky, I'm not).

2. We did not go to a Court House.

The problem with Court House Viewing is that this is a weekDAY event. Evidently, court doesn't meet on Sundays, even though I said please which Fe taught me would always work, but apparently doesn't. Basically, Court House Viewing will require Chuck to use a day of vacation to participate in. We will do this, eventually, but it wasn't worth a vacation day in the summer. I'm over it, Chuck's not. He's obsessed. He says this just got moved to the top of the "Lifetime" list. Ok. Whatevs.

3. I did not grow something edible.

Here's the deal. So I may not have grown something edible, but I did grow flowers this year. And by grow, I mean kept them alive. Last year, I planted in May and by, well, later in May, they looked like this:

This year, I worked so hard to keep my babies pruned, loved, and watered (evidently this is an important step and one that I was missing previously) that they're still lookin' good.

So, I know it's not a garden.
Or something impressive like Dahlias.
But I kept them alive.
I don't think you appreciate what I did here.
This was huge for me.

4. Marry Rob Pattinson.

Working on it.
I'm pretty sure seeing Eclipse three times in 10 days is a start.
We're practically engaged.
(btdub, my stomach fluttered when I found this picture on my hard drive. issues...)

5. Nope, we didn't remodel the Kitchen.

We had a change of plans here. The kitchen still needs a remodel (I mean, I love 1990s oak and white tile counters as much as the next girl...), but it's been back burnered for a few months in favor of redesigning the family room. We've redecorated, we're almost done, we're waiting for the new TV to be delivered and the chalk board paint to cure. TV will be here Wednesday. Painting this weekend. We'll call this a coming attraction.

6. Visit Josh.

We thought we'd need to go to Missoula to see our beloved friend Josh (Chuck's college roommate who lived with us for the first three months of our marriage. Have I never told you that?). Anywho, Josh came to visit us. Lots.

We saw him for Paul's bachelor party.
He jumped out of an airplane with Chuck to celebrate Paul getting married.
Boys. Seriously.

He came to Paul's reception in July.
I love him.

I miss him.

He's the best.

He's also single.
He's going to kill me for that.

And he came to Paul and Chuck's mini-break holiday to Chelan.

We got so much face time with Josh this summer.
It made us so happy.

7. We did NOT fix the fence.

Such a big WIN. That baby isn't going anywhere.
That was easy.
(here, read this, it'll explain why)

8. Increase garage sitting ten-fold.

I did. A ridiculous amount.
There's no pictures, because it was just me. Nearly everyday. Picture this: Me. Sweet Tea. And Wuthering Heights (I decided to educated myself this summer).

I also made Kyle, Maggie, Libby, Jessica, other Maggie, Eric and Jeffrey all garage sit with me at some point in the summer. I'd say forcing seven of my friends to sit with me makes this such a huge win. I'm always looking for Garage Sitting converts.

9. Go Boating.

Chuck did. With Paul and Josh.
I'm glad I didn't, because I can only imagine how Chuck ran the joke "I'm on a boat" into the ground. Oh, so. glad. I. missed. that.

10. Organize the garage.
Not gonna lie.

It's worse.
I had cleaned it. It got better. Then Chuck made it worse.
Bus. Throw. He's under it. I'm fine with it. I did all I could do.

It would be a lie to say that this sums up our summer.
Not even close.
I think, that I may have accidentally kept a lot of our summer from you because I wasn't speaking to you for 3 weeks when I had my summer-melt-down-hiatus-I'm-not-blogging-tantrum.

I'll recount the best of the summer (the other parts) tomorrow.
I'm sure you're just dying to know.

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  1. Susan. Thank you for sharing my inability to get a girlfriend. Perhaps you should be spending your time looking for me instead? But anyways, thanks for the post, the feeling is mutual. I had such an awesome time hanging out with you guys this summer, can't wait for that to become a lot more regular. Love you guys!!


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