how to give a gift and get no credit for it.

I wouldn't say I'm the best gift giver. Some people know they're good at it, they're naturally amazing gift givers. They have it down, they wrap it well, they get a great card to match. And what's more, they remember every gift to give in between the major present times -- birthdays and Christmas. That's where I struggle.

"Oh, you're retiring. Probably should've gotten a gift."
"I'm staying at your house for a week, whoops, probably should've gotten a gift."
Secretary day. Bosses day. Best friend day. Dang.

I'm trying to get better with this. It's a skill I'd really like to master. Is this something I can learn? I'd like people to remember me as someone with a huge mouth and who picked good paint colors and bought great gifts. Is that too much to ask for?

To launch this mid-late-whatever-year resolution, I decided to start with the "for no reason" gift. I think I bought a great gift. Scratch that. I know I bought a heckuva gift. Problem is, if I was looking for recognition, ohmygosh it's amazing, and I'm telling everyone I know how awesome you are praise, then I gave it to the wrong person.

And I let him get involved.

Sorry. Not trying to be uber cryptic. It just happened.

Here's the story.

I'd been thinking about this gift giving for awhile, and Friday night, I decided to go for it. Caution. Wind. And it was a big caution in a hurricane wind because this meant going to Target on a Friday night. Someone, quick, get me a medal.

When Lucy was barely a year old, she teetered her way into my closet and died for my ruby red slippers.

She knew they were major.
(she looks so baby in these pictures)

And now every time she comes to visit, she finds her way to my room and tears the place to pieces looking for them. We put them on. We wear them around. We always go show Bubba. And he always oohs and aaahs over how pretty the size 7 ruby reds look.

Target sells them in Lucy size.
I had to.
I just had to.

I knew I'd bought her the mother of all gifts.
She was going to freak and maybe, just maybe, I'd get a "wow" (her new phrase o'choice).

Problem is, I took Bubba with me.

We went to see Lucy on Monday.

We got Shy Girl, at first. She plays Shy Girl only for Bubba.

Then I pulled out the shoes.

"Oh, Mama, they're real."

"Mama, look at them. I love a good red moment."

"How many ways can I say fabulous?


I knew I'd given a winner of a gift. Epic. She was going to love me forever for these. Until I realized she thought Bubba had given them to her.

She ran to him to show them off.
(I know this picture is blurry crud, but I was laughing so hard and you can see why. That stance. Really?? His "oooh" face?)

And then the thank you gifts started.

First, Bubba experienced a Baby Windfall. He was gifted both Diane and Ian as thank yous.

Then, Coat. Coat is Lucy's version of a baby blanket, her "attachment item". Being gifted Coat is like getting kissed by Don Corleone. You're in the family.

Chuck got the peek-a-boo funny girl from behind her toys (note the shoes are still there).
And why shouldn't he? He went to all the trouble to get her the ruby red slippers, after all.

But the ultimate, in my mind.

HE was the one she asked to read a story with. Seriously? I'm a teacher. This is what I do. I'm the big leagues and she goes to Bubba.

I'm assuming this face is because he's reading it wrong.
Sorry, Lu, but that's what you get when you go with a generic brand amateur when you could have had the real thing (ps. Webster's is now accepting S-U-S-I-E as a spelling for bitter).

He got thank yous.
He got hugs.
He got all the glory.

I'm trying really hard here to master the art of gift giving and to be a better gifter, and this is really not helping the situation.

I'm getting no credit here people.
Is credit not the reason we give gifts?
I'm still not getting this process am I?

I'm trying.


  1. Loved this. That little Lucy is going to be a heartbreaker. Where can I get a size 10 in those ruby reds?

  2. Love it sus! And p.s. you are a GREAT gift giver. Always have been. Love the bday apron!!!

  3. Oh dear gosh, too funny! She's a very lucky little girl to have an auntie like you!

  4. Webster's is now accepting S-U-S-I-E as a spelling for hilarious. You genuinely make me laugh out loud.


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