that thing.

There was that thing today.
Not Lauren Hill that thing, that thing, that thingy-ingy-ing song, which I now have stuck in my head since titling this post all of 30 seconds ago. Hope you do to. Just a little gift.

Anyways, that thing. Let me explain.

I met my new kids today.

I met them.

They finally moved from being figments of my imagination, names on pages, to real actual people. And in the midst of meeting them, I had a moment. With a new friend.

"Can you put your name on that so I know who did it?"

"Oh! Do you have problems with your remembory too?"

And there it was. It hit me. That thing. Moments like that, comments like that, I felt that thing. That thing that makes me remember why I do this. Why the bulletin boarding, the staple removing, the contact papering name tags into just the right spot is worth it.

That thing that reminds me I love what I do.

We start on Wednesday.
I want to play I'm sad to end summer vacation.
I want to play how bummed it is to go back to work.
Because that's what everyone expects.

But this isn't really work. And I'm not really sad.
It's time. They need me, and I need them, and I'm ready to get this show on the road because I have a lot of new friends to make.

How lucky am I?
I just got 18 new friends.


  1. Simply precious. And well put. What a gift it is to be able to do what you do.

  2. I JUST saw that video at the gym this week and that thiiii-i-ii-ing has been rolling around in my mind ever since!
    I swear, we're twins separated at birth, like a decade or so apart.

    Congrats on the kiddie-poos. My cousin writes a blog (A Good (Enough) Woman and she wrotes about taking her boy down to find out who the teacher was - and the disappointment with it. :(

    INteresting to hear the other side and HOW HAPPY it makes you.

    After reading her post, than yours, it makes me feel much better about our schools. THANKS for TEACHING!

  3. Lucky you! I have 29 first graders this year (by the way I'm a blog-stalker friend of Shannon's and I used to teach in Puebla with her - I hope you're not too freaked out).


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