shower for dania.

It's another Dania post.

She's becoming a staple on this thing lately. Sorry about that, but it's this whole pregnancy thing, it has the awful tendency to pull all the attention off of me and onto her and I don't know if I'm down with that anymore. Everything is all about that baby right now, and, sigh... She just better be super cute and super thankful for the amazing aunts that she has. I will, of course, remind her of this everyday. There's nothing I love more than a good "hold over their heads".

Aren't I the worst?
I mean, really?
And we're all understanding that I'm laying the sarcasm on even thicker than usual, right?

This past weekend was Dania Weekend.
We [Emy, Jessica, and Myself] threw Dania her baby shower after months of planning. I have so many back logged blog posts on our adventures in throwing this shower, but blogging about the decorations before the party tends to ruin the surprise effect for the guest of honor. So, settle in, because the next few days will have a few how-tos, since some of the stuff we did we were pretty proud of and we'd like to share. I mean not wanting to toot our own horn, but...[toot].

For now, a few pictures from the little event, highlighting the food we served and the ridiculously adorable gifts that girl babies get. If there's one thing (well, two things) we love, it's good eating and good clothing. We take our food and apparel very seriously around here.

The food.
My favorite part.
Just a few of the tidbits we made.

Jessica's veggie pizza is divine and the only way to get me to eat my vegetables. I should probably make this everyday because my food pyramid is inverted. I prefer a base of candy and sugar. It makes the healthy stuff go down.

This is a new must have for me. I'm absolutely in love with this recipe. Enjoy. It's fantastic.

The easiest party sandwiches.
Pumpernickel. Cream Cheese. Cucumber. Dill.
Chocolate covered bananas. I think you can figure this one out on your own.
And finally, the absolute love of my summer: Martha's Strawberry Shortcake. We got the wild idea to quarter the shortcakes before baking them and made Strawberry Shortcake Sliders.

The gifts.
Oh, the gifts.
Why are little girls so much fun to shop for?
Why are their clothe divine?
Why don't they make these in Susie-size?

I'm sorry, but Baby Paisley now has a tea set. I don't have a tea set. This seems completely unfair to me. I have been around for 27 years. She hasn't even breathed air yet. She's the one with the tea set. I'm considering borrowing it and hosting my own tea.
Also, I want that tu-tu.
I feel I could rock it, even if I only rocked it at home. It'd be like my adult footy pjs. Fantastic, but not really "life appropriate". One of our gifts was homemade onsies, especially designed for Baby Paisley (I'll show you more later on this week). We wrapped this one up for Dania and we're lobbying for it to be the "going home" outfit from the hospital. We're being met with a scoatch of resistance. Any help you could lend to this persuasion cause would be much appreciated.

We'll wrap this post up with some of my favorite guests from the shower.
Stephanie, because she loves this blog which makes me worry about her.
Sidney, because she and momma Jodi are just too darn cute together.

And of course, Dania.
She soaked up the day and her spotlight.
She opened the gifts so thoughtfully. I would have torn through them with kid on Christmas enthusiasm, but Dania is much more gracious than I. Her mom gave her her baby book to share with Baby P and I died when looked at this picture closely (I hope you will to). Click the picture bigger.

Dania has never changed. Dania today is Dania yesterday is Dania at age 3.
Let the countdown to Paisley begin...

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  1. SO many gifts.
    That picture of Sidney and Jodi is my favorite. So cute!


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