real-live horse race show.

I feel this post should start with a trumpet noise.

How do you type the noise a trumpet makes?
Should I just go with [insert trumpet noise here]?
Should we try "budda dum da dum du dum dum dum dum"?
Why can't blogs have sound?
My life is so unfair. A myriad of difficulties.

We need to move past this. I need to move past this.
We made it to our first horse race show.
Bang the drums, sound the bells (but not the trumpets, because I can't deal with them anymore).

It was a little spur the moment, our decision to go. It was a beautiful summer day -- we just had to be outside.

Gorgeous. Summer. Day. Go Seattle. Go.

But really, if I'm being honest, it was more Chuck's decision to go. My decision would have much more thought out and would have given me plenty of shopping time. As it was, Chuck's haste to run off to a horse track resulted in Susie Injustice #143,762:

No hat at the horse track.
Why? I've already said why. It was spur the moment. No planning time. No hat. No Julia Roberts and the steaming divots. (and btdub, that's not a cumulative lifetime injustice count, that's just for our marriage).

It did not help that there were surrounded by hats. I mean, ok, so not everyone had a hat, but a few did. And I was uh-jealous.

IRregardless of the Hat Disaster of Ought '10, we still had a time. Better than we ever could have hoped. It also was quite educational.

For example, I learned that you don't vote on horses.

And that you don't vote based on prettiest names, though it does help. My first vote was for Sum Princess (because my Dad is an accountant -- sum = addition total -- and I'm his princess, duh), but things did not go well for us. I stopped voting that way. It was devastating.

I also learned that you don't order your votes at the Ordering window. Apparently, that's not right either.

And this:

This is a tractor.
Not a Zamboni.
I thought it was nice of the Zamboni to resurface the track.
Chuck told me that no, it was nice of the tractor to rake the track.
To each his own. Agree to disagree.

It was fabulous.
We are doing this again, but of course with proper planning, shopping time,and, really, just shopping time. I need a hat. Move that from the wants column to the needs column.

[ps: I put this horse in the post because I liked her leg warmers. I wish they had Miss Congeniality at the track. She'd be number one with a bullet.]


  1. You make me laugh. I feel like there's some sort of Kevin Bacon kinda connection between us. Let's connect the dots in person shall we?

    Oh, and I sort of wanted to rub this in your face:

    You gotta wear a hat to the track. Duh.

  2. My boyfriend and I randomly found ourselves at the track a few weeks back too! We had a blast and I was a bit disappointed that I was not told about the hat thing either.

  3. I love going to the race track! I've only been to Emerald Downs once, but I've been to several other tracks in my life. It's such an interesting mix of cultures.

    Found your blog through Brooke and I love it!


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