the last shower post.

Ok, ok, last baby shower post. Promise.
But really, can you take my promises that seriously?
Really, really, this promise, I promise to make it stick. Promise. Ha. Now that's an empty sentence if I do say so myself. Love it.

I was so happy with my decoration contribution to Dania's shower:

Two pennants for Baby P, spelling her first name and middle name.

I got the idea for this from sister-in-law, Nan, who made me one for my birthday too many years ago. Of course, fancy Nancy made hers out of fabric with hand cut felt letters, which is just way too beyond for me.

I thought I could make this a little simpler by swapping the fabric for paper. I did a little Google Re-con and found some directions on how to make one with newspaper. I loved it.

I hope you do to.

The accomplices:
A ruler (Chuck was so proud that I actually used one and didn't eyeball everything), paint of your choice, sponge brush, small brush for later, and good scissors (I sound like my mother-in-law: Queen of "Good Scissors". I only have good scissors because I can't bear the look she gives me when she asks for my good scissors and I say "huh?")

Newspaper, iron, pencil and string were all unavailable for this photo. The planning ahead that it requires to take a materials picture is beyond me. I feel that I got more than 50% and that's enough for me. I have such high standards.

Take some newspaper (newspaper: it's a way to read the news that doesn't involve Yahoo Headlines) and cut out equal sized triangles -- hence the ruler. I made a good one as my template and traced to my hearts content. Make sure the small side of your isosceles triangle is the fold of the paper. We're going to open these babies up.

See the fold? Open the triangles up into little diamonds and lay them out. Talk to them and make sure they are emotionally ready to be painted.

Get your paint ready. I used the only two paints I owned, red and white, to make 14 different shades of pink. You can use any color you want. I wanted pink for Paisley.

Paint the triangles, making sure to lift them after they've been painted so they don't stick or dry to the paper below.

And this is the first time Chuck is seeing that this whole project was done on our hard wood floors. He is going to be thrilled with me. But actually, I think he will be, since obviously I didn't spill (much) paint on the floor which is a miracle for me.

Once they are painted and dry, they will wrinkle and fold in on themselves. Not cute.

That's where the iron comes in. Iron them on the lowest setting, then fold them back into triangles and iron them again. They need to be crisp and flat.

And no, that isn't my real ironing board. That's my one from college but he's too precious to part with. And he's great for lazy ironing when I want to sit on the floor because standing is oh-so-much-work.

Crisp and flat. Cute and bug's ear come to mind.

I laid the triangles on the floor and arranged the pinks into the order that I wanted them. And there were no cut-sies. And it doesn't matter who's first and who's last. And it appears I am ready to start school next week...

I pulled back out the white paint and painted a letter on each triangle.

And this is the first time Chuck's seeing that I painted on the carpet without any protection. Whoops. Gotta love me.

I then laid a piece of twine on my carpet and slid the traingles down onto it so they can hang together and play nice.

Glue the triangles shut around the twine so you know it will hang perfectly without any problems or the fear of seeing the unpainted insides.


For those keeping score, I was able to use only items I had around the house and didn't buy a thing to make these. Which means I'm even more in love with them than normally. Because I'm a miser.

Oh, one more thing.
I just have to show you.
And then I'm shower done [microphone drop].

Jessica got the idea to hang little onesies like a laundry line as decoration at the shower.
Here's what it looked like in the window:

Anyways, Jess wanted them to be personal onesies to add a little fun.
We were pretty proud of ourselves.

You want to be surprised.
But you're not.

Does it help or not help that we also made a Backstreet Boys onesy that said "I want it my way"?
We are hecka cool.


  1. I am proud of you for having "good scissors." :) Your banner is darling--great job.MIL

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Not kidding...when are you coming this way? I NEED your talent to photograph my wee family! :) Come on-you're just a teacher-you can't be THAT busy this time of year (wink wink)


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