I love contagious.

It can be bad. Depressing.
The cold is contagious.
His bad mood is contagious.

Or it can be good. Inspiring.
Her laugh is contagious.
Their love is contagious.

It's a lucky thing when you can be friends with someone long enough to watch everything about them change. To watch life event after life event fall into place and see them on the other side. That's how I feel about Jeff and Dania.

I knew them when they were just friends at college.
I giggled when he asked her out on a date and took her to see Troy. At the time, it seemed ridiculous. A three hour movie for your first non-friend date? But really, it was genius. Three hours of Brad Pitt on your first non-friend date. Jeff. Win. Then Jeff asked Dania to marry him and Dania said "I do" and years and years after the door hall, they're expecting baby number 1.

I took some pictures of Dania a while back looking fabulously 7 months pregnant. Jeff loved the pictures but wanted a little representation for Paisley Addison's father. Fine. We can represent Dad in some pictures.

Their love is contagious.
Their happiness is tangible.

[I'm having a mild love affair with their pictures in Black and White so I'm only posting those. These two are beautiful and somehow I think B&W makes them even more attractive.]

I want nothing to do with this final picture.
If a photograph could define a person's character, than this is the pictorial representation of DANIA.

This is her vision.
I supplied the camera.
Send complaints her way.

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