being replaced and not doing it gracefully.

Once upon a time, I was Lucy's favorite in the competition known as Chuck v. Susie: Lucy's Love Edition. I was winning that fight and I was relishing in it. I was revered, and darn it, I liked it. I may have on occasion held it over Chuck's head. "Sorry, I can't do the dishes, Lucy likes me more."

I built a mighty house of cards on that win and my world has come crashing down. Apparently, what favoritism Lucy giveth, she can taketh away and bestow elsewhere. I have been replaced by her "Bubba". Fine. I'm a middle child. I know what it's like to be replaced. I will fight. I will make a come back.

But for now. For now, we have "Bubba".
He's a 6'4" Gemini with a weak spot for spumoni ice cream and Lucys who make faces at him like this:

And when she declared him "Bubba" one Friday night ("Oh, That's Bubba"), the National Federation of Nicknames accepted her suggestion and anointed him Bubba. I then wee'd myself laughing, because he is now Bubba, and ohemgee his nickname is Bubba. This is so awesome.

They are quite a pair, Lucy and Bubba. And she's pretty happy doing anything he wants to do and he feels exactly the same.

He took her on a walk the other day -- he wanted to feed the ducks with her.
Funny, because she was so excited to go on a walk with him, get exercise, leave the house. I, however, was throwing a tantrum because Real Housewives of Somewhere was on and I needed to watch the catch up shows to be ready for the Main Event.

Chuck was pretty excited to point out maturity levels and yadda yadda yadda, we all went on a walk to feed the ducks.

Then Lu decided to feed Uncle Bubba's hair, and I was pretty happy to take that guy down a peg because he was getting a little big headed over his new position in our Lucy's Love Battle. Way to go Lu. Remind him who's in charge.
And smash his face while you're at it.
I had no part of this, but it still feels like a Susie Win. I'll take it.

But these two.
New besties.

I'm working on my comeback.
Like leggings and Mickey Rourke did.
If they can do it, anyone can.

Watch your back, Bubba.


  1. Ok-hurry up and come to this side of the mountains. I need you to take my family picts. I LOVE your stuff! Never a bad pict. Love it!

  2. Glad you are back blogging--we missed you!!!


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