the absolute worst.

The problem with Seattle isn't the rain. That's a misconception we invented to keep people from moving to our big small town. And besides, the rain isn't even that bad. It's really a mist not a rain. It rains in the south, it rains in the northeast. It drizzles here. So no, the problem with Seattle isn't rain.

The problem is when it gets hot.
Not sunshine, top down, take a walk around the block or eat outside hot. Hot hot.

Maybe it's because we aren't equiped for 95 to uh-hundred. When it rains, we have umbrellas (we don't use them). We have rain jackets (that we wear for fashion not function). Maybe it's because it's heavy heat, it's a wet heat. It isn't dry desert, good for you Arizona, heat.

When it's hot in Seattle, we can't cope. Only a handful have A/C. And a smidgen of that handful has true central air, not just boxes that you move from room to room like cool-down hobos.

Whatever it is. It's a problem.
It only happens about 2 weeks a year, but we live the other 50 weeks in fear of those two. At least I do. Because it's awful around here when it happens. I'm no picnic on a normal day so consider how I am these two weeks. When he finally decides he's had enough, I can only speculate that it will be during one of these heat waves.

Yesterday was (hopefully, please, please, pretty, please, cherry on top, I'll invite you to my birthday party) the last day of the second heat wave in the summer of ought '10. We've made it. I've made it. We're still married. Tally it up.

We are among the handful of lucky people with a movable A/C unit that looks amazing and classy pushing through our bedroom window. Nothing like tubing, duct tape, and cardboard for all the neighbors to see. They must love us. And by love, I mean hate.

When these heat waves hit, when it's too hot to do anything, we live upstairs in the A/C. We pack up the house and move upstairs. Only the essentials.

Obviously, the computer. Huge essential. Hi Facebook. Duh.
Even the power cord. Made the move.
I know, right? The moving of the power cord, that's big.

My candy. What? That's an essential.
My Daddy brought it back for me from his business trip in Scotland. Don't judge.

And of course, Chuck and his stupid entertainment.
Chuck found one of Jack's play toys up here and after a few thump, thump, thumps against the ceiling, I finally looked away from the irresistable glow of social networking to see this:

Blowing the ball at the ceiling.
Making the ball hover.
Trying to catch it in his mouth.

My husband.

At least he can self-entertain when he's bored.
Because lord knows I'm not one for keeping good company with in the heat.

I hate the heat.
Have I mentioned that already?

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