Such a beautiful mother.

Someone became a Mom today.

Because someone is a little baby crazy 'round these parts. Someone had to be since obviously Chuck and I aren't budging on 2053. Thank heaven for little girls named Lucy.

Thank heaven for this face.
I mean really. Hello Blue Eyes. I doubt Frank Sinatra wore 'em better than her.

Fe bought Lucy her very own baby doll today.
Thrill doesn't even cover it. If I can pick days as happy in our childhood, I'll go with the first time Shelley colored her hair and when Fe bought me my first Clinique lipstick.

Lucy loves "bay-bees".
She rocks BayBee.
She snuggles BayBee.
She's a better Mother to BayBee than I am to Jack. Bottom line.

We were told BayBee needed a bath.

I took a little video of Lucy and her Baby because new camera is amazing and capable of all sorts of wonderful things. She washes BayBee and then rocks her. It's a-dor-able. How do little girls just "know"?

I've been trying to upload said mystery video since....WEDNESDAY. I'm over it. I have other posts to do and this one was really based around the cuteness of the video. This is a warning blogger. Wordpress is looking better and better every day, and now you've come between me, my posting, and my Lucy. Watch yourself.


ps. For the record, Shelley named the baby Ian because that's normal. Such a conventional mother.


  1. MOMMY heart loved this story!

  2. blogger is tricky with videos- if you put them on you tube first though it is easy as pie. Just put them on you tube, then there is a link to broadcast it to blogger and it is just magically on there. good luck:) Oh and Lucy is such a darling little mama:)


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