stephanie and her man.

I popped on down to see an old college love, Stephanie, this week for a little catch up and to meet her baby boy Luke.

Luke is such a little old Man.
I am such a sucker for little Mr. Man babies. Luke was no exception.

I could have stayed for hours longer. It's always like that when you see an old friend. It almost hurts to leave because you realize how much you miss having them in your life.

At least that's how it is for me. And how it was Wednesday.

Stephanie was kind enough to let me take pictures of her and Luke while we caught up on the latest gossip. Boy, does he have a face on him. After viewing the pictures, Chuck was inconclusive in trying to decide if Luke looks more like Benjamin Button or Mickey Rooney, but either one makes him pretty stinking cute. You let me know what you think. We think he's adorable.

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  1. That little boy is ADORABLE. I could eat him. Mmmmmmm...

    Gorgeous pix Allison. Nice work.

    And I just realized I don't have your linked. I'm making "us" official.

    Linking is the new pinning.


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