I would like to be a person that can multi-task when I grow up. Someday, people. Some. Day. Is it too late? Am I too grown up already?

Because, seriously, I would just like to be able to do multiple things at the same time and be able to be successful at it. But. Nope. I can focus on one thing and one thing only and the problem is that it takes everything in my being just to stay focused on that one little thing. Heaven forbid I bring anything multi into my attention.

Case. Point.

I went to a cooking class last week.

Guess what I did not learn to do?

Because (comma, pause) I cannot multi-task and I selected picture taking as my task. Learning how to cook did not fit into my single-task mind. But I am good at single-tasking. Mom says I'm the goodest.

This was me at the party.

"Learning" to cook and doing a terrific job of it.

Apparently, we learned to make bruschetta, gnocchi in three sauces, a lemon tart and creme brulee. I have literally no recollection of this. None. No slightest. No hint. I went through the pictures. It was like seeing someone else's slide show and doing the obligatory "oh that's nice" "wow, looks like y'all had fun" AND I WAS AT THE PARTY.

Honestly, Chuck knows as much about this party as I do.
Ok. Wait. I do remember some things, so I won't go total hyperbole on this one.

What I did at the party. Other than not cook...

Well, for starters it was Kari's birthday and Jessica throws a heck-uv-an event. I replied YES to her evite without checking my calendar. Definition of no-brainer.

I remember Maggie making this face a lot, but I can't remember why because I left to focus elsewhere.
I remember everyone was a'flutter over Dania's belly. I'd already spent my fair share with her doing pregnancy pictures, so it was old news to me and I couldn't have cared less.
That's a lie. I was just as in love with her belly as I was last week.
I remember some serious snuggling with Jacquelynn's new little Estelle.
BTDub, how much do we love the name Estelle? Jacquelynn: WIN.

And I remember that I had a grand time with my friends. Grand.

But none of my solid memories are cooking related. I was really focused on taking pictures so Kari and Jessica would remember their event and, boo to me, I kinda forgot to live in the moment. On an aside, the pictures really did embody the notion of "reliving the event" except without the "re" part. I simply lived the cooking part again going through them.
This is the beginning of our "lesson" and the only part I completely listened to before my mind was clogged with, "What f-stop am I on?" "Have I gotten an equal number of pictures of these people and those people?" "Where's my lens cap?"

There was rolling. Gnocchi dough, I do believe. I remember potatoes. I remember flour . I remember Jacquelynn's Estelle woke up and I left the kitchen.

I died for her new baby blue eyes.

And then I came back and there was lots of gnocchi. It was like magic to me. I left and there were tubes of potato dough. I came back and it was an Italian Miracle. Gnocchi as far as the eyes could see.
Then there was tomato cutting. I must have thought this was fascinating, because there were like 20 pictures of it. No lie. I guess I picked the "good" one to show you.

I had to go back to the recipe packet for this one: This is the start of a Brown Butter and Sage sauce. Who knew?
Once I saw the Tree O' Basil come out, I knew the cooking had gotten serious and that I was seriously behind. And seriously concerned that if this was a make-your-own dinner kind of cooking class, then I sure hoped the Golden Arches would still be open.
And then Jacquelynn was lovingly scolded for bruising the basil, and I knew it wouldn't be good to mention that I hate basil and would like to do more than just bruise it.

Libby and our chef Iole (yo-lay) made a salad with their hands. I have no pictures to confirm that they washed their hands before this, but I'm assuming they are much more responsible than I am. What??? I cook for Chuck and Me. If you come over for dinner, I wash my hands. Otherwise, it's an immune system builder.

The baby started cooing so I went running for more pictures and then suddenly there was cooked gnocchi in three sauces. Don't ask me how this happened or the steps taken. But good news, I didn't need to do any of the cooking part to get to do the eating part.

I remember the eating part. Mmmm. I remember it well.

I remember thinking that wearing a dress to this party was the best life choice I'd made in a long time because I didn't have to undo my pants when my stomach expanded to 2053 proportions.

And I also remember thinking that I had no idea what we'd learned, how to duplicate this meal, but that I had the best group of friends and how blessed we were to spend an evening together like this.

And that I'm reasonably sure they'll come over and teach me the recipes again as long as I put the camera away. I'm like 70-30 that they'll reteach me. Maybe 60-40.


  1. Looked like fun to me! Both the picture taking AND the cooking class :) The good news to dwell on...the picts turned out FABULOUS! lol :) Bravo

  2. Michael's mom taught you personally!!! SO jealous...I've gone to her class at PCC. Most amazing cook time you have to pay attention :)

  3. mmmm. this is making me hungry. It was SO delicious. Yes, I'll (re)teach you. It's only fair, you taught me noodle crack.

  4. I made Emeril's gorgonzola gnocchi recipe one time. I ended up with cheese soup. I met him at an event and told him so. He asked me if I ate it anyway and I said yes. He asked, "was it good?" I said, "There's nothing wrong with the combination of potatoes and cheese sauce." He said, "then it was a success, regardless of the intended outcome."

    My gnocchi story.


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