my latest crush.

I'm digging silhouette shots lately, something fierce.

Something about the mystery of a silhouette draws me in, especially when there are people involved. Because, really, that person could be picking their nose in the picture, but if done in silhouette, well, not only does it look cool, but you'd never know.

This I love.
(not the possibility of picking my nose in pictures, but of silhouettes and looking cool).

I may have gone a little silhouette crazy last weekend, but whatevs. I don't always get a chance to do these so why not make the best of a good opportunity and friends who, for a brief moment in time and lapse in judgement, actually wanted to be in pictures. My own personal heaven.

Silhouettes are pretty easy with a DSLR camera.
Turn your f-stop up (mine was at 18 for these) and your shutter speed and ISO down (I was at 1/125 and 200, respectively, give or take a few notches).

Did I lose you?
Anways, it's a recipe for magic. You'll just have to trust me on that.

Because without these being in silhouette, we just would've looked stupid jumping at the beach. Now. Now, we look cool.

Yep. Cool.
So much cooler.

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  1. lovin' it! You actually had me pulling out my camera to try that makes me a geek! Even more nerdy....I'm totally going to plan to spend a night making "cell phone pictures" like you've inspired through one of these posts. ha ha ha (but I really am serious) :)


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