a little DIY never hurt anyone.

I've decided to use my summer vacation time for good.
For productivity. For improving. For projects. I thought a good project was seeing how many Sour Patch Kids could I fit into my freakishly huge mouth during Oprah but apparently that isn't using my time off for good.

So. A project.
I have been known to start projects in the past. I'm really good at starting them. I have not been known to finish so many projects because I have the attention span of an ant.

I'm also really good at starting projects, getting really in over my head, and needing a really big amount of rescuing. If you saw Chuck and I discussing "Possible Susie Projects", you may think it callous of Chuck for his lack of enthusiasm. It's not because he doesn't want me to succeed, he's just weighing the amount of supervision (and in the end, work), he'll need to do to complete the project when I wander off and leave a paint can and a nail gun in the hallway. What? Projects are hard. Lots of focus. Lots of time.

This project.
I may have neglected to bring it to the Possible Projects Tribunal. I was not being deceptive, just selective. Because 1)I really wanted to do this one 2)I legitimately thought I could do it alone 3)I kinda forgot. Whoops.

I only got one sigh when Chuck came home and found all the project fixin's in the family room. And then, he even offered to go help get the rest of the supplies because he was a little intrigued by this project. What a gem.

So, on Saturday we worked together. And I actually mean it. Together. I did my share for once, stayed focused, and it was so physically exhausting that I took a nap afterward.

Our Project: start to finish.
Making a Fabric Headboard
I found the directions here, the idea here, but I've seen these made on every Trading Spaces type show. I honestly thought I could do this without Chuck. Honestly. At least he stepped in from the get-go.

The Fixins:
Wood frame for canvas, but sans the canvas. I picked one up at an art supply store. Michael's wasn't cutting it on this one.
Pretty fabric
Scissors, Staple Gun, Hammer, Helper Cat

Helper cat was a big fan of the batting. BIG fan. I was not such a big fan of him trying to bite his way through the batting. Such a helper cat. Good luck doing this on your own without him.
Stretch the batting tightly across the floor.
Place the frame in the middle.
Consult with Helper Cat over your progress thus far.
Staple the batting to the frame. We did what the girlie from the web site suggested and stapled at 12, 3, 6, and 9 before going back and filling in the rest.
We wanted an extra plush headboard so wrapped it in batting twice for good measure.Then we ironed the ever-loving-crud out of the fancy fabric, laid it on the living room floor, and realized we'd picked the same "pattern" as the dining room tablecloth. We are simple people. We like certain things. Apparently, the same things, over and over and over.
As an aside, the "toy" sitting on the dining room table is Chuck's remote control helicopter that he flies every night because he is 5.
Mr. Anal spent a solid 10 minutes smoothing the fabric to perfection. This is why we hire him for these kind of gigs. I would have slapped the frame to the floor and called it good, then called Chuck crying when it looked like a bag of stink.
Then we stapled the fabric to the batting covered frame, just like we did with the batting.
Next was the hanging part. It's only about as heavy as a picture, so we used standard picture hanging hooks to get it on the wall. Chuck takes his picture hanging very seriously. Shocking, right? I love him for it.
Hanging the headboard really isn't a two person job.
It's a happier marriage when I sit that part out.

I redid the pictures in our room for a little change, found two lamps I wasn't using in the linen closet (who doesn't have lamps just lying around), and stole flowers from the living room. He won't miss them. And yes, that is Twilight on my night stand. I'm fine with it.

Here's the before and after of our bedroom project:

I'm pretty psyched about how the headboard turned out, how the room looks now, and that my little project was a success.

And Chuck was proud of me for picking a reasonable project and doing my homework on it.
Maybe someday I'll get to do a project on my own.

Doubtful. I define Hot Mess.


  1. Ooooh...lovely!! I wonder if I could do that...

  2. Hi Susie! You might not remember me. I'm Shannon's friend...you showed me the ropes with "read well" a while back-lol. Anywhoo....Shan now has me hooked on your blog. I'm ashamed to admit I was totally sucked in and must have read for 2 hours last night....shhhhh-don't tell anyone I'm THAT much of a geek! I love your sense of humor-I found myself cracking up quite often. So, before I look like the "crazy blog stalker" (lol), would you mind if I follow your blog? It's so funny to me that your last name is Allison-which for some reason, I always forget that about you (Sorry). My maiden name is Allison and I have NEVER met another person with my last name without being related. So weird. Even weirder....our family blog is "Martone's in Allison Wonderland".....WHOA! I know-not that exciting, but to me it is! :) It's like we have something in common. lol. I know we were in classes together as undergrads-but most of that is a blur too...oh man-I'm lettin' out all my awful secrets. I better shut my mouth while I'm ahead :)
    Thanks for the good reads last night!
    Kristi (Allison) Martone

  3. Job well done you three. The fabric is beautiful but I especially liked the black cat!!! MIL


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