just a little fun with a new friend.

It's always fun to make a new friend.
It's even more fun when it's a blind date friend.

I'm calling this a blind date friend because we've talked for months online but have never actually met. No, we didn't meet in a chat room. No, we aren't the kind of people the friend strangers on facebook.

Kellee is a high school friend of my sister-in-law, Nan, and she's been reading this blog for a while. She even started her own blog and was kind enough to introduce herself via the wonderful world of comments. I do love a good comment from a stranger.

Kellee got the wild idea to have me take some pictures of her and her new husband. He's back after a year's deployment and Kellee's a little bit happy.
Just a little bit.
They did a quickie wedding back on R&R in January in North Carolina. Woke up one Friday and decided Saturday sounded good. But Kellee still wanted some pictures of them back "home". At the places they love, at the places that mean the world to them. Where they met. Where they got engaged.

Plus, it was a good excuse for meeting each other and not being stalkers any more.

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