It's all about good friends.

So. We went to Eclipse.

Shocked, right?

I gave you my review. See? Below. There. That's it. That's my "review" of Twilight. Basically, it's a 10 paragraph paper on the synonyms for amazing because that's what it was. AMAZING.

But more, what's amazing is seeing it with my friends. Laugh all you want at us, snicker at us an our Judy Blume reading levels and Tiger Beat obsession, but I honestly don't know that I'd love Twilight so much if I didn't love it with my friends.

We aren't "readers".
We don't read "books" and pass them around.
"Oh my gosh, you have to read this. She read it. She loved it. We've all read it. Life changing."

No, that's not us. We're more likely to pass around a box of Cheez Its during a Friends episode and call that "life changing". That's more our style.

So simply the fact that we all actually read Twilight was an absolute miracle. But we read them, one after the other, loving that we'd fallen for something and loving more than we'd fallen for it together. And not caring one bit that it was a 4th grade reading level.

As much as I hate to admit it, Twilight is more than just loving Edward Cullen.
It's loving the re:re:re:re:emails dissecting dialogue.
The lunches discussing plot details.
The phone calls about it all.

We do. We love us some Twilight. And we love us some Twilight together.

We bought our Eclipse tickets May 19th, six weeks in advance.
Obsessive? Maybe. But we wanted to get this right.

We brought some candy.

Obsessive? Maybe. But we wanted to be thorough with our food consumption. What exactly goes with smoldering good looks? I couldn't decide if that was Whoppers or Sour Patch Kids. Turns out, it's Milk Duds.

We brought Edward with us.

Obsessive? Maybe. But at least it was the action figure, not the full sized cut out. You know we're capable of worse.

We got there a little early.

Obsessive? Maybe. But when you've been waiting for a movie for 8 months, you aren't going to risk sitting anywhere but middle/middle of the theater. And what's the worst that could happen? We sit together rehashing life choices on the floor of a movie theater for an hour and a half? It was almost as good as the movie.

And so we waited.
Edward's in most of these pictures. Have fun playing "Where's Edward?", and even more fun cursing my name when you finally give up and realize you're staring at the one picture without him in it.

This is as close as I'll get to posing with a Ship's Wheel.

Emy would like it noted that Edward does almost everything for her.
We've been friends for 10 years. I wonder if posting this picture will end that. Guess I'm gonna find out.

That's Twilight for us. That's the fun of it. The movies, great. The books, fantastic. But having it with friends? I love you Edward, I do, but maybe I love you more for letting us have you together.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I think you enjoyed Jennsylvania's version of New Moon, so I thought I'd send you the link to her Eclipse re-cap...

  2. I just wanted to say that I love your blog, you are a great and funny writer!! Thanks for sharing.

    Michele G.


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