her way of doing things.

I'm calling it.
It's official.
Here ye, Here ye.
Friends, Romans, Blogger.

Lucy is a toddler. That has to be what she's considered now -- I have pictures to prove it (of course I do).

Shell and I met our friend Maggie for dinner, Lu came with because, well, apparently babies are package deals with Moms. I wouldn't know. I have a cat. I have repeatedly asked Chuck to allow me to carry him in a front pack with us on our outings, but he has repeatedly shut me down. Cat babies are hugely discriminated against. Call the CCLU (cat civil liberties union).

Back to point. [laugh] When have I ever had a point on this thing? That just made me giggle. Solid L.O.L. Alone. Typing. On my blog. I have longtime friends, which is good, because there is no way I could make friends in this condition.

Lucy at dinner tonight was an experience for me. We haven't been to a restaurant together in a while. I love her, more and more each day, but each day I wonder why 2053?
Why not 2073? That girl can move. Constant moving. Constant "GO!".

There is no way I could handle this, not like Shelley can.
Patience. Virtue. She can haz.

And that Lu.
What a little Miss Independent.
What a little Miss Thang.

I have never, ever been so happy with my choice to keep the Point and Shoot in my purse. These may not be the "best" pictures, but they are the best pictures I have taken of her in a long time.

We ordered Lu some Mac and Cheese.
She loves Mac and Cheese. Loves it something fierce. She was all about feeding herself. Naturally.

The process of her using the giant Big Person fork in her wittle Wu hands was amazing. UH-maz-ing. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. My narrative will only detract from the utter photographic perfection.

I don't know when I will get over these pictures. But I'm guessing somewhere between "no time soon" and "never".

Shelley didn't fair so well through dinner.

Mark of The Motherhood.

My camera also didn't fair too well.

Myspace pic. And ps, the fuzzy blurred edges isn't a photoshop effect. That's kid fingers on a lens. That's my hipstamatic print.

Obviously, dining wasn't Lu's only activity.
She also had some calls to make.
I tried to explain that it's not polite to talk at the table, but she did remind me that it's better than while driving. I couldn't argue with that.

Her and Maggie had a lengthy conversation.

I'm assuming that she was put on hold here. Everyone gets bored on hold, Lu. That's shockingly normal to play with stuff while waiting. Well done.

And then we texted.
It's such a rage right now with the kids.
When I was little, Zach Morris had a brick, everyone but me had pagers, and AOL keywords were the only way to use the World Wide Web. She's almost 19 months old and she can mimic texting. But seriously, look at the picture again. Note the thumbs. Pro-form.

She's also very into her "art" right now in early Toddler-dom.

So serious. I feel that. It's 'cuz I'm a lefty so I'm naturally more artistic. Right brain. People just don't get us artists.

I just sat there today and marveled at her and wondered where the baby went? I'm pretty sure she rolled over yesterday and rice cereal is still being added to her bottle. I was mid-nostalgia, when Mac and Cheese fingers tapped my arm for my attention.
The sound clip with this picture is "Hey Hey Hey".
Hey, hey, hey Lu. You're getting old. Which, though sad to watch you stop being a baby, does have the added bonus of making you really cool to hang out with.

If we met on the street, I'd totally want to be your friend.

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  1. Where is that? That mac and cheese looks delicious. =) Lu's getting huge...time flies.


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