dania's having a baby.

We're having our first group baby. What I mean is, the first friend in my little group of favorite girlies is having a baby. So it's our first group baby. Makes sense, right?

We can't wait. Paisley Addison will join us mid-September and we're busting. We can't wait to buy little onsies and someday dresses. To take her to the zoo and someday the mall and someday give her the same advice her Mom would have given her (but heaven forbid she ask her Mom).

Dania wanted some pregnancy pictures to mark the occasion.
I was only too happy to oblige.


  1. Absolutely stunning photo shoot. You are one talented lady-and how cute is that name? Paisley Addison???? LOVE IT! :)

  2. these are truly beautiful! great work!


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