I got my make-up done today.

It's summer vacation. Don't judge me and my extra-curricular activities.

Anyhoo, I was less than thrilled with the service I received. You must have won the lottery, because lucky you -- you get to hear all about it.

Dear Make-up Girl,

Today's make-over wasn't exactly what I expected. I mean, it was exactly what I paid for (free), but still. I picked you because of the quality of your material, because I prefer Sephora makeup, but it just didn't scream "professional".

First of all, you used a glitter eye shadow all over my face.

I know that I'm no professional make-up artist, but I'm reasonably sure you were applying the shadow in all the wrong places.

Then, you put powder on me with an eye shadow brush.
Now, again, I don't want to butt in, but isn't powder a starting item? And don't you need a bigger brush?
At least you added more glitter eye shadow to my chin to re-smooth the surfaces.

What got me in the entire experience was that I'm pretty sure that "I" (the customer) was supposed to be the one getting the make-over. Look, all I'm saying is that the girls at Clinique would never dab a little on themselves as a top off mid-make over.
Just check your handbook. See what it says about turning the brush on yourself. Get back to me on that.

And the final end-all-be-all was the incident with the lotion.
Again, I don't want to harp on professionalism, but what would your manager think if she saw you with your head in the Ponds, no matter how funny it was?

I'm wishy-washy at this point if I'll recommend you to a friend.
All kidding aside, I do look stunning right now.
Like always.

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  1. My only question... where did Newman go in the last shot??? ;-)


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