A love story.

Once upon a time, two people fell in love .

It was one of those quick loves, where you fall so fast you can hardly remember to breathe. They had everything in common, every reason to find love. Same ideals. Same beliefs. Same hobbies, humor, friends. It was fate.

Their names are Chuck and Paul.

They met in FLT 141: Principles of Flight and their friendship blossomed into one of the principle of their lives. That was 2001. If anything, they're more in love today then back then. In fact, that's exactly the case.

It's said that you get one great love in your life and I want desperately to believe that that's me in Chuck's life, but I'm not that naive. I know the score. Paul is Chuck's soul mate and fine by me. It kind of takes the pressure off when you know you don't have to be someone's end all be all.

Sometime in 2003, Chuck and Paul decided to aim for the ultimate friendship dream: could they get their girlfriends to even mildly enjoy each other's company for the greatest double dating possibilities of their lives? Years later, they would refer to this as The Great Experiment. Back then, it was dinner with That Paul Guy and his girlfriend. I never could remember her name.

We sat awkwardly in the restaurant booth. It was a friendship blind date but I didn't even have the eharmony 29 dimensions of compatibility to fall back on. I was apprehensive, but that's just because I hate meeting new people. I like consistency. RTC (resistant to change).

About 30 seconds into "This is Susie" "This is Shiann" and silence, the boys conversationally ditched us. Had we known, we would've have taken a picture to commemorate the moment. The first time of many, many times they dropped us like we were two-ts hott. It was at that exact moment that Shiann and I each did the huffy breath eye roll "pilot talk" sigh, and then we were instantly clicked.

And thank goodness we hooked or the last 7 years could have been really painful.

Instead, Chuck got the love of his life and I got a heckuva friend. We consider it a mutual win.

But those boys.
Those boys.
They are quite a pair.

Paul and Shiann agreed years ago on a small beach wedding long before he'd bought a ring and she'd said yes. It was just a matter of time before they tied the ol'knot. Still. They knew what mattered on their big day and who they'd want there. Parents. Siblings.

But of course. Paul had to have Chuck there.

So. Naturally. When the time came, Paul asked Chuck to marry him.
Marry him.
Reverend Chuck (this is what I've been keeping from you. I've known since November, but I had to wait).

Chuck married his best friend and his best friend's girl on a beach in Malibu on Monday.

Things I'm proud of:
1. Chuck didn't laugh once doing it.
2. I didn't laugh once during it.
3. He was legitimately good. I was legitimately impressed.

Perhaps it's because we took the necessary precautions.

Chuck got his giggles out at the "rehearsal dinner".

This is his Holy Snuggie Robe.
He fake married them first. "Mawrriage is what brwings us towgether towday."

But then, he really did it.

And he kinda nailed it.

I mean, it's still a little ridic. He married his best friend. He pronounced Paul and Shiann Husband and Wife by the powers vested in him by the state of California and UniversalLifeChurch dot com.

I made them take a best friend Married picture.

They were not happy with me.
They rarely are.

We did the wedding. We did the pictures. And normally, I guess, the bride and groom would take off for alone time. OR they'd pile into a car for alone time with Chuck and Susie and head to In and Out Burger.

That's just how it has to be. Shiann and I know the score. If we want to be a part of the boys' lives then this foursome is a package deal.

Not such a bad deal to wind up with.
Really. It could be worse.


  1. Hey, it's good that your man can back up on someone. Sometimes that little boost of "Can chuck do something about this" keeps our sanity.

    Check out Desperate for Coffee for a two new awards for you :-)

  2. I just canNOT get over the holy snuggie. PERFECTION.

    xo, libby


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