A complete tragedy.

I drove to the funeral of my childhood this weekend.

Look, I get that most people say that childhood ends when you have kids or some crap like that, but kids are on the proverbial back burner for us so really, when am I old enough to know better or act better?

Lucky me, the Life Fairy left an answer under my pillow. The Life Fairy is a little bit like the Tooth Fairy except you don't have to leave any body parts and what you get back is traumatic and hurtful, not shiny and fun. I would kill for a quarter from the Life Fairy.

The Life Fairy's answer was simple: When Janelle (Chuck's perfect, adorable, and proof that kids in that generation can turn out right, 10 years younger cousin) graduates high school, I cannot be a kid. Seeing her graduate this weekend puts me somewhere on the old continuum between growing up and hecka old. Life Fairy reasoned and I begrudgingly agreed, that if the "adult world" is welcoming in Janelle then I need to relinquish the big toe I still have planted over the childhood line. Funny thing, Life Fairy, but I'm pretty sure 10 year olds like Janelle are not adults.

I will not, however, be changing my ways anytime soon to deal with said permanent residence in Adult. Despite Janelle's graduation (aka funeral of Susie's Childhood), I just don't feel I'm ready for Adult.

I will not stop shopping in the Junior's department of Nordstrom. I know you can't see all the dress here, but trust me it is a-dorable.
I will not stop taking jumping pictures because I think they are a riot and those babies are not aging. Unlike me, they are timeless.
I will not stop doing stupid party tricks outside with "the kids" rather than talking with party guests and "mingling" like a grown up.

I figure with my time as a teacher I can squeeze a few more years of sitting at the "kids table" with my extensive "knowledge" of the child species and ability to "handle" them.
This is me "handling" the children.
I am an amazing child handler.

We had a good run childhood. A good run. Keep in touch. HAGS.

side note: Chuck and I are arguing about HAGS. Please to discuss. Do you know what HAGS means? Anyone. Bueller?

double side note: Happy Graduation Janelle!! How you grew up and who allowed that is beyond me. You're 10, you have a bob hair cut, and cute blue glasses. But it's ok, really, because I kinda like being your friend better than a Big Cousin.


  1. Have a great summer or have a good summer - according to Mike you can mean either when saying HAGS

  2. Karen stole my answer. Have a great summer

  3. HAGS - have a great summer!
    I just wrote on your crack! <--- I hated that one...btw.

    my baby cousin just graduated high school. I was telling her all about college, while denying my inner acknowledgement that we are adults and can't go back to the dorms with her.

  4. As far as I know, having kids does not result in adulthood...or at least, not in my house. :)
    Stay cool,

  5. HAGS is what you wite when you dom't really want to sign someone's yearbook. U R cool. U have cool hair. It was fun having U in french class


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